The women who suffer aches and pains before or during menstruation frequently know how hard it is to find a solution to this problem. Conventional medicine offers anti-inflammatory and painkillers that do not cure but alleviate symptoms in a timely manner while it is not easy to find natural remedies to solve it. In this description, we provide some tips to combat enduringly and naturally all the painful symptoms that come with the menstrual cycle.

Adequate food

Diet plays a key role in any health disorder. Pain is always a sign for us to have more care of our health as it is warning us that something is not working correctly. These tips are general benefits for any health problems that cause pain and in particular for painful menstruation: Replace refined grains and whole grain flours, which are much more nutritious and satisfying. No abuse of dairy products and choose yogurt kefir or ghee clarified butter before the milk or butter. Avoid creams, creams and ice cream.

Tips to avoid painful periods

Eliminate fried diet and opt for stir-fries casseroles, baked goods etc. Avoid white sugar and table salt and consume always in small amounts healthier foods such as honey, stevia, sea salt or Himalayan salt. Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables raw and cooked, reduce that of red meat sausage, and precooked. Better to choose lean meat fish and egg as animal protein sources. Include vegetables in our menu at least twice a week.

Caring for liver

According to Chinese medicine if your periods are painful or uncomfortable it is because the liver is not functioning properly. Therefore, we must help this important body, one of those who suffer the consequences of modern life poor diet pollution, stress, negative emotions, etc.

Fatty liver

We can take care of liver function with the next recommendations: Drink a glass of water with the juice of half a lemon fasting, half an hour before breakfast.

  • Drinking infusions of dandelion milk thistle and artichoke
  • Early dinner and carefully
  • Avoid situations that produce anger or stress us.
  • Local heat applies us in the liver (right ribs) half an hour before bed.
  • Regulate the hormonal system
  • Hormones are the key pieces in menstrual disorders and, unluckily, nowadays very easily become unbalanced because of our way of life.

Below, we cite three remedies that we take regularly to go balancing the endocrine system and avoid long term, any pain or discomfort associated with the rule.

Maca: This root from Peru has the ability to control hormonal imbalances as well as being nourishing, stimulating and aphrodisiac food and a source of vitamins and minerals to beautify the skin and hair.

Chasteberry: This herb, which is also sold as a supplement, helps to reduce estrogen levels, which are the cause of menstrual pain for many women. It must be taken for at least three months to notice the positive effects.


Unlike chaste berry, sage provides estrogen for women who suffer from painful periods for the lack of these hormones. A specific blood test can help us discover our hormone levels to take the suitable medicine.