The best thing about the mornings is that we have a whole day ahead to carry out ideas and purposes. No matter what happened the day before, if we skipped the gym or succumbed to the temptation of another pie ration on our friend’s birthday the night is like a “blur and new account” that gives us the opportunity to start again and get it!  Take advantage of this morning energy to apply little great tricks that will help you lose weight throughout the day.

Tips to start slimming just wake up

Let the sun caress you when you wake up

I know that although it sounds very poetic and appealing, many will answer what sun. Okay, well do not worry its enough daylight even if we do not have the luck to see the sun in its entire splendor. As new studies only confirm that exposing us to the light of day since we wake up helps, regulate our circadian rhythm i.e. our internal clock and our sleep patterns, which is essential when it comes to losing fat or maintaining a Healthy weight.

 Sunlight and diet

One of the latest studies in this regard has been published in the one newspaper and involves 54 participants who took for 7 days a device to measure the hours of light that was exposed each morning. It was found that those whose exposure to daylight in their daily lives was higher had lower Body Mass Indexes than those who spent mornings in environments without natural light, regardless of diet, age, or physical activity.

The conclusion was that those responsible were the morning rays of the morning to have more proportion of blue light. Which is the one that helps to regulate the circadian rhythm, and that it was enough with an exposure to sunlight of 20-30 minutes between the 8 And at 12 noonto achieve these favorable effects for our weight and ultimately for our health. So, if you are one of those who are forced to work in enclosures without natural light try to get a little sunbathing outdoors before walking indoors for 7-8 hours, walking to work or just opening the door. Window just rise to let the flood flood your house.

Sleep the necessary hours

We each have a number of hours of sleep after which we feel rested usually between 6-8 hours are enough. Many times we spend time at this time to see a couple of more chapters of our favorite series, chat with friends for a while which we will probably see in person the next day. More and more studies confirm that sleeping an insufficient number of hours makes us more likely to have hunger attacks throughout the day that will lead to the difficult avoidable binges that ruin our diet.

The first week had them keep their usual sleep patterns, while the next two weeks encouraged them to sleep up to 8 and a half hours. On average, they were able to sleep 1.6 hours more and this meant that they reported 14% less appetite and 62% less compulsion or anxiety about eating sweet and fatty foods than the week they slept for only 6 hours.