Usually you hear of hypertension and listen carefully to all the advice that your doctor gives the patient carefully to avoid making the situation worse. It is more difficult to hear about low blood pressure, but we see in this case what is good advise.

Definition of hypotension

What are the values ​​considered normal in relation to blood pressure? The pressure of adults to be considered normal, must be less than 120/80 mmHg. S i speaks instead of hypotension when the pressure is less than 90/60 mmHg. Why develops low blood pressure? What are the causes? Because the body is not able to bring pressure to normal in some patients with low blood pressure, do not manifest symptoms and hypotension for them is a normal situation. In other people, however, the lowering of the pressure can be abrupt and can be caused by certain other factors or diseases. If hypotension causes symptoms such as dizziness, fainting, or in extreme cases, the shock, then he will be cured also carefully from the pharmacological point of view.


Physical Activity

Perform a regular physical activity can be a great help to low blood pressure, because it stimulates the blood circulation and maintains stable blood pressure. The activity should be chosen based on their own needs and tastes, should not be seen as imposing and even as a sacrifice, which is why it is important, if you love the outdoors do not shut themselves up in a gym, or if you have afraid of the water does not impose itself going to the pool, the limit is feasible and fun l water aerobics , or a good course of yoga in thermal water! sodium and sugar The use of sodium normally for those suffering from high blood pressure is almost totally banned, in the case of low pressure is recommended instead. The salt contains sodium, a mineral that holds liquids, reflecting the effect is to make denser the blood. A common place to dispel is linked to the fact of helping a person with low pressure with a glass of water and sugar .

Not always needed, maybe because it is not related to a problem of low blood sugar! Alcohol Even alcohol, which in the case of high blood pressure can make things worse, in the case of low pressure can be of help, by virtue of its vasodilatory properties. Of course, thinking about the food pyramid, remember that alcohol should not be inserted into the eating habits so excessive, but in the amount of 1 glass of wine per meal, at most. Cafe A good cup of coffee is a natural remedy for counteract the low pressure! Choose it in the morning, to start with the right boost of energy, together with the milk and to a rich and balanced breakfast. Coffee is a drink tonic and stimulant for the central nervous system and consumed in the right amounts, it can also be of assistance to low blood pressure.