Halitosis, a very embarrassing problem that affects about 50 percent of the world population. In some cases the breath can have a smell so annoying as to become a real barrier antisocial, threatening to undermine the social life of people who suffer from it. Do not just treat with care oral hygiene, brushing their teeth after every meal, using dental floss and mouthwash, to avoid the appearance of halitosis. Whether it is a temporary problem, linked, for example, the assumption of certain foods enemies breath smelling like garlic and onion; both will be lasting and persistent, because caused by other disorders, such as digestive, here is some useful information on the causes, the remedies and prevention . Let’s talk about Tips for fresh breath.

fresh breath

The causes

The most common causes of bad breath, at least for the forms transistorize, are essentially two: the intake of foods called poor salivation. Foods best known are garlic, scallions, onions, some spices and alcohol. The effect is immediate, but can be prolonged in time, because these foods enter the bloodstream to reach the lungs, infesting the air we breathe. Not only the food, but also some medications , such as antihistamines, antidepressants and diuretics, can cause bad breath for the same process. Once ingested a food urogenital we therefore expect to have it fully digested, to see the effects disappear.


Here are some useful rules of prevention, to keep out the problem of bad breath.
1) Avoid foods urogenital, especially if you have a predisposition to bad breath.
2) Treat the oral hygiene, using dental floss and brushing my teeth three times a day, preferably at the end of every meal. Do not forget to clean the tongue , up and down, trying to eliminate any white coating, which is a true concentrate of bacteria .
3) Go regularly by the dentist to remove tooth decay and other oral diseases that could be the hidden cause of bad breath.

The remedies useful

If when the fault is all of power, just change the diet, to treat persistent halitosis, when it is only a symptom of another disorder or another disease, it is easy to understand, it is necessary to consult the specialist for cure the problem triggering. In all other cases, there are a number of useful natural remedies really useful. In particular, to counter the presence and action of the bacteria, which proliferate in the mouth and oral cavity, causing the smell, you can take advantage of the bacteriologist and antiseptic properties of sage , using its decoction for gargling repeated after every meal. Excellent order also action aromatic, disinfectant and balsamic star anise: the advice is to use the infusion to make rinse twice a day.