A strange tingling in hand, which takes in the dead of night, in the morning upon awakening or interferes with most activities of daily living? A troublesome symptom rather than a disorder itself, the tingling affecting the upper limbs can be triggered by several possible causes, the carpal tunnel syndrome, hypothyroidism, and is treated with specific remedies, to be studied case by case.

The possible causes

As already mentioned, the tingling of the hands can be a symptom of a disease involving other organs, but it can also just be the result, unpleasant, an incorrect position. Especially when it is sleeping, for example, it can happen that the hands being crushed under the weight of the body, compressing some nerves, and therefore, interfering with the normal blood flow and favoring the appearance of tingling.

Woman with hand pain

When, however, the tingling of the hands is to be interpreted as a symptom, the causes most likely candidates are: peripheral neuropathy, characterized by impairment of the nerves that negatively affects motility of hands; the lack of vitamin B and E; the presence of infection or trauma; alcohol abuse; hypothyroidism. A very common disease in women, which has among the possible symptoms even tingling, is called carpal tunnel syndrome. What is it? All as the name suggests, covers the carpal tunnel, which is a physiological passage of ligaments, bones, nerves and tendons at the base of the hand at the wrist. When the area becomes inflamed, the tendon gets irritated or swollen, with the result that it creates a localized compression: the pain is certain, but gradual.

The remedies useful

In each case his remedy, in each disease, triggering its specific therapy. In fact, if when it is only a temporary discomfort related to the position of the hands just a little ‘patience and some massage to resolve the situation, when the tingling is recurrent and accompanied by other symptoms, a better understanding with the specialist to diagnose the exact cause and, consequently, prepares the most suitable treatments, ranging from the diet in case of deficiency of vitamin B and E, the pharmacological treatment of hypothyroidism.

In the case of carpal tunnel syndrome, for example, the possible treatments vary depending on the degree of severity, ranging from the rest of the hand, until the use of splints and braces, as well as anti-inflammatory drugs and pain killers (avoid in pregnancy) and surgery. A word of advice? If you have a tingling in the hand bothers you are looking for a diagnosis as soon as possible: the referral specialist, having consulted and sought advice from the family doctor, is a neurologist.