Childbirth is definitely the most exciting time of pregnancy: the breaking of the water there is plenty of time to organize and go to the hospital. Let’s see some advice.

When you discover that you wait for a baby, the first thought is that everything goes well. At each visit, at each and every ultrasound examination, you will beat the heart pounding. You will spend nine months to caress her belly, to pet him and think about his health. Once, however, the last month of gestation, it will be normal to start thinking at the time of delivery. If you are the first child, there are many questions that you ask yourselves, first of all, what will be the time to go to the hospital, ready to give birth. Sometimes occur many false alarms, the first contraction is run immediately to the hospital. It ‘s normal that a few days before giving birth, the uterus prepares and closer to the moment of birth, and so also to the child. Precisely for this reason, they may occur from time to time contractions, however, be considered completely “physiological” but not from birth.


To control these contractions, just during the last days of gestation, to outline the latest examination (electrocardiogram, vaginal and rectal swab), you will be subject to the so-called monitoring . Through a special belt, fastened to the belly and connected to a monitor, you can control the intensity of the contractions. From personal experience, monitoring did not find particularly “true” and I’ll explain why. The midwife on duty, after the first screening, he told me to come back for the second, three days later, as it was still early, my child instead decided otherwise and 15 hours later I was in the hospital. But how do you know what ‘ is the right time for delivery?

About us past answers “you will understand by themselves, can not be explained.” It ‘s true, but it is also true that a strong signal is given by the breaking of the water , a moment will come when you will understand from the sun, now I will explain better. Breaking the water is nothing more than the rupture of the amniotic membranes, it is easy to recognize this passage that precedes the birth, because you get the feeling (and I’m writing just to let you easily understand) you pee on him. soon as water breaks means that you are ready to go to the hospital but without haste. Since the breaking of the water, you’ll have all the time needed to prepare and go to the hospital.

Usually for the first child, labor is not the shortest, and in any case, by the breaking of the water childbirth is the minimum time two hours . Once at the hospital, the contractions start to get more regular and the staff on duty will do its monitoring to control the frequency of contractions, which by this time become ever more frequent and painful. The labor you will do just under monitoring, with the help of proper breathing (which you learned in birthing class if you will remember!), in the presence of the midwife and the moral support of the future dad. Nowadays more and more people are attending the birth, as well as being a valuable aid to the woman, it is also a strong emotion for the person who drew near. A unique experience the moment of birth that will remain forever etched in your mind.