Tomorrow’s time change requested by the body to adapt to the “internal clock”. So this has no negative effects, there is evidence for health

Like every year in late March, it’s that time again: the clock is Sunday night from two to three clock and we were thus deprived of an hour’s sleep. Many people that change is difficult, especially late risers have to contend with the changing pace. The impact time change to daylight saving time really that serious effect on the human body or even endangers our health?

Effect of changing the time on the health

Researchers at the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich have discovered in a study that the time change, in many cases a negative effect on the human body. Here you can make a comparison to the so-called jet lag, the long-distance travelers often experience. Particularly hard hit by the transition those who like to go to bed later in the evening and morning sleep for longer. Changes in sleep-wake – rhythm are bound thereby. Some people succeed within a few days to get used to the time difference, others are struggling with it for weeks.


The discomfort will usually manifested in fatigue, irritability, nervousness, insomnia and depression. Women therefore have to fight, according to a study by the DAK more than men. Hormonal processes and brain activity usually takes place every day around the same time, so that by the time change this rhythm gets completely out of balance. Some studies have found that following the time change, even the rate of heart attack increases. Overall, however, to say that extreme and permanent health problems are not expected. In most people, symptoms such as tiredness and fatigue disappear again usually within a few weeks. The time change may in fact also in people who suffer from seasonal affective disorder have a positive effect on health. The organism gets more light and the mood brightens.

Daylight saving – Preparations to feel good

To prepare the body for the time change, it helps to follow a few tips. People who knowingly should have a difficult time at this time to take a few days off around her body slowly prepare for the changeover. Before the change, it is good if you go to bed a little earlier to get used to the changing times. The phase of the transition should be made ​​easy, even if you can not fall asleep right away and in bed rolls back and forth. Sleep researchers agree that it does not work with falling asleep when you want to achieve through violence. In the case, a hhp Massage provides the necessary balance and relaxation care. This: indulge beautiful thought, a cup of tea before bed or reading a good book is always helpful ways to fall into a peaceful sleep and recovery, and the time change to cheat.