White patches in the mouth are frequently a symbol of infection, inflammation, trauma, tumor or other diseases resulting from pathogens such as bacteria, viruses.

 Mouth Cancer

According to HIV expert and primary health care, the most ordinary reason of white spots in the mouth is oral candidacies. If the sites are spread to, the back of the mouth and tonsils is called esophageal candidacies. These points seem curd and are difficult to scrape. You can cover the tongue and inner cheeks. Some people also increase white patches on the language. If the mouth too dry and expand white spots on the side of the tongue may be an ulcer or could be oral hairy.

cancer of the tonsils

Thrush is an infection caused by a yeast-like fungus, in the case of the mouth and up to 90% of people with HIV / AIDS develop Candida infections. It is also common in people with weakened immune systems such as infants and the elderly. You can have a diversity of causes including certain medications such as antibiotics, steroids and some birth control pills, carrying surplus weight or pre-existing conditions such as diabetes and psoriasis. Fortunately, treatment is more often than not easy if or else is healthy and a course of antifungal drugs to treat efficiently.

Tonsillitis is the result of either a viral or a bacterial infection of the tonsils, which leads them to be red and swollen with white or yellow spots. If it is, a viral disease is treated with bed rest hydration and fever management. Most infections of tonsils are caused by the streptococcus bacterium, which is the same bacteria that causes strep throat. The symptoms of strep throat are similar to those of a sore throat associated with a cold but can also include loss of appetite, pain on swallowing, swollen tonsils with white spots and fever. It is caused by an infection in the throat and tonsils caused by Group A Streptococcus bacteria and it is quite contagious.

Because it is so alike to tonsillitis, doctors frequently perform a test for strep throat swab to detect the bacteria streptococcus group A. Antibiotics are the most commonly used form of treatment. Oral herpes is an infection that can be caused by any type of herpes simplex virus 1 or type 2. It appears as a cold sore on the lips fever blisters on the mouth and white patches in the gullet.