How it manifests itself? How is it treated?

The three-day fever is an infectious disease that usually occurs during the first year and until the second anniversary over 95% of all children have the fever for three days already gone through. For most children it is the first typical childhood disease. It is caused by the herpes virus that remains for life after an acute illness in the body. From time to time it is excreted in the saliva again and so it happens that healthy adults infected children then that. Against the three-day fever, there is no vaccine and no other effective protection measures. The infection, however, in otherwise healthy children, innocent and who has survived it once, is immune to it all his life.

The signs

As the name implies, the infection is characterized by high fever, which lasts two to eight days. Apart from fever, are the children otherwise mostly relatively well. The three-day fever may also be a trigger for a typical fever convulsion. So should always consult a doctor to make sure that something else is behind the attack of fever with high fever. The final proof of the correct diagnosis, however, provides just the typical skin rash that occurs after the end of the fever phase.


The course

High fever, up to 40 ° C, over three days characterizes the course of the disease. On the fourth day the fever falls off rapidly. At this stage occurs the typical patchy, red rash on the chest, abdomen and back. This lasts a few days, but is not associated with any pain. With the onset of this eruption, the disease is over and practically recovered the child quickly.

The treatment

Against the three-day fever, there is, as against most viral infections, not a drug. Treatment should focus on feeding the child plenty of fluids, for feverish children dry rapidly. Only if the child is prone to febrile seizures, it should be tackled quickly, otherwise the fever should not be suppressed with drugs. As long as the child is fever, it should stay at home. Bed rest is not necessary, but some rest to recover from distress.