Preparing for childbirth during the third trimester of pregnancy, using simple tips and natural.

How to put the odds on his side to facilitate childbirth? Prepare your hospital bag, choose wisely motherhood, her midwife or obstetrician, surround the advice of a doula, but if simple gestures allow to reduce the time of delivery?

Eat dates!

A new study published in 2011 in the very serious Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, showed that daily consumption of dates during the last month of pregnancy would facilitate the work. Women who ate dates arrive at the hospital more dilated than other mothers, the time of accoutrement is significantly reduced. According to the study, the composition of dates resemble that of the natural hormone responsible for labor and contractions, oxytocin. The date is an excellent choice of food for pregnant women and for those who have just given birth.

Sleep more

The delivery in women who receive less than six hours of sleep during their last month of pregnancy, had 11 hours more. The risk of cesarean delivery is four times higher than women who sleep less than seven hours or more. These are the results of a study that was published in the journal American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. To be comfortable in bed and promote good sleep, it is recommended to sleep semi-sitting position, to surround lots of pillows (or cousin of pregnancy) or send your partner sleep elsewhere! In the third quarter, lie down, preferably on the left side. With a round belly is the most comfortable position: so you do not put pressure on the vena cava to the right of the uterus.


Prepare your legs

An Australian study, using positions “standing” during childbirth, encourages gravity, allowing the baby to descend more easily, and therefore reduces the time of delivery of nearly an hour. Stay upright, however, requires a lot of effort in the legs. It is important to train during pregnancy and exercises that stimulate the muscles of the legs. Movements carried out with an exercise ball is ideal for gymnastics prenatal smooth, strengthen muscles, promote themselves with squatting positions and increase comfort. It is important to check before starting the practice of physical activity , with a health care professional if exercise is appropriate for pregnancy.