Women, more than men, to be fat, fleshy, luscious and sensual, the portrait of the past have not stripped to reveal. Currently, we are in a completely opposite path. The slenderness is the right word while the over-weight or obesity has a real public health issue. And since our company produces more fat products, savory and sweet, most of the world is suffering from over-weight obesity is considered a disease. A condition in which the factors are varied physical inactivity, food culture, heredity, hormonal phenomena and even smoking cessation.

This weight gain is not however an aesthetic complication but also an embarrassment health. And to protect them from over-weight, gradual weight loss is essential. Faced with this problem became widespread, doctors start talking about medical weight loss. A long program that seeks to ensure an assessment of weight and improved nutrient system, not by momentarily frustrating but learning to eat a diet manner, moderate, healthy and stable.


Weight loss depends entirely on a diet or saying recommendations and dietary advice for a diet is the first medicine. For this a major mistake not to make is to skip breakfast because it must be rich enough and stabilized depleted pastries, cakes and cookies rich in saturated fatty acids, but rather a meal supplies of low-fat dairy products, cereals, wholemeal bread and fruit mainly. Also, sugary drinks should be avoided such as sodas, flavored waters, fruit juices, syrups … they inhibit your weight loss. Adjust your appetite is also vital eating slowly, deliberately to see signals of hunger and satiety. Then you have to worry salads of all kinds and especially green salads or iron-rich warm lenses and should remain light, not too packed to empower easing meals.

Finally, regular physical activity and sports sessions every day must be absorbing part of the program to lose weight, learning to walk on foot, moving, doing DIY or gardening and taking the stairs instead of the elevator to lose weight and burn more calories. Do not forget that eating well is to enjoy and have fun while balancing her diet and enjoying a pleasant immune health and assured. In the elderly or in people with serious diseases, weight loss is accompanied by weakness, lack of appetite and fatigue sets. In such circumstances, it is necessary to ascertain the nature of the weight loss that is sometimes lacking.

At this stage, symptoms of weight loss may occur: a somewhat pale complexion, visible and vomiting and headaches thinness. In addition, the causes are different origins to digestive disorders, physiological para chokes old age, significant consumption of tobacco and caffeine, food etc. disorders. Finally, we all dream of a model body, perfect and strong but we are not all programmed to be lean and starving we never changed anything. Let us be reasonable and objective and learn to accept and be consistent with itself. Everyone has personal problems or even professionals, their effects are catastrophic health. For this reason, he must be careful. There are people who overeat when they are angry. The effects of this horrible habit long term. So be cautious about it.