The field of ophthalmology and eye surgery is a medical specialty that focuses on the study of eye problems and too many other functions of eyes. The job of an optometrist in Quebec is to provide methods of diagnosis and treatment for people who have illnesses that affect them. Anyway, an optometrist in Quebec must be the specialist who holds a certificate of specialization in ophthalmology and eye surgery. In fact, its study and allow it to specialty treatments and surgeries for different people who have vision problems, if necessary, as it is able to describe the glasses or contact lenses for the patient without the need for surgery or other medical needs outside.

The skills of eye medicine may be one of the medical specialties, which will save the optometrist Quebec personal satisfaction and work as a doctor. Thus, an optometrist can make various therapeutic interventions for a broad category of patients from different age groups, either a purely medical or surgical way. Possessing many skills as an eye doctor, optometrist in Quebec followed a hard and difficult specialty to have. Therefore, any patient who visits him, he is sure there will be the expected treatment recently.


Especially not also forget that this kind of doctor is able to provide primary health care in health centers with which he works. In addition, an optometrist can do surgeries at the same time, part of his specialty. Due to the increase and diffusion of diseases eyes are in society, and considering the natural and chronic diseases in most cases, often the optometrist in Quebec is personal and close human relationships with a large number of patients, especially those who stay for long periods in medical centers. In addition, these relationships may persist throughout life. According to the questionnaires facts and statistics obtained that professionals have made a number of specialists and doctors in various sectors, they found that the eye medicine has too many features that include:

• The optometrist is a specialist who has the relative freedom in determining the treatment plan for the patient to follow, with full respect for their wishes.
• Most optometrists are a tangible interest in the occupation of their patients, since eye diseases are characterized by a higher percentage of success with the presence of some hopeless disease.
• Optometrists are under a lot of stress in terms of emergency management and the need to make timely decisions about their patients.
• In terms of continuity of care, the doctor may have the human and personal relationships with their patients.
• An optometrist may be influenced by the quality of work tools and equipment used in the clinic or hospital in which he works. Not to mention, well sure, the clinical experience of the doctor.
• The doctor can perform many tests, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in his private clinic, he has sure.
• The individual experience of the optometrist can play a very important role in his work and in determining the quality of the expected treatment.
• The optometrist must have a variety of human knowledge with other doctors in the same field.
• Finally, this area of ​​work and the specialty is characterized by a highly competitive and sustainable environment, eliminating the routine quite sour.