With the approaching summer begins in the Chinese medicine, the next conversion phase: after the element wood, which was assigned to the spring, now is the fire to it. What does this mean and how can we use it for our health.

In Chinese philosophy, all things two aspects: a yin and a yang aspect. They can not be separated from each other and determine and limit each other. This also applies to the human body . health means in this sense of harmony between yin and yang. Now it is expanding the circle of yin and yang, one obtains the five elements wood, fire, earth, metal and water. The elements here are helping each other in one, complementary relationship, but can also inhibit, such as fire, which is on the upper Yang-pole, and weapon r, located at the lower pole-Ying.

Four western seasons – five Chinese Phases

In the seasons shows, according to Chinese medicine, the nature of the phases of change particularly clear. In China, a distinction is contrary to our latitude, but five seasons: So is the spring, the element of wood , the fire in the summer, late summer, the earth and the winter the water is allocated. Here every season is characterized by its element. For the summer, this means that the fire of nature helps to its perfect form, as evidenced for example in the sprouting of flowers.


Matters of the heart

The physical functional circuits are related to the five phases. With the element of fire, heart-small bowel loop is brought into connection. Again, the fire is sure to get the urge for perfection. So they say in Chinese medicine, that emanate from the heart of trend-setting influence, so the mind and the emotions. The heart shaped and channeled the diverse influences. Especially good are the shows in the speech, because to make a comprehensive statement is a high coordination capacity: external situation, the release momentum and control of the speech mechanism have to play well together. But the heart is still responsible for much more: the motion control, the regulation of sleep and dreaming, and also to monitor the whole network goes meridian in Chinese medicine made by that body. And also the Shen, the force that matches the interior to the outer reality, the heart is attributed.

Whether your heart is healthy, often manifests itself in the face color it is strong, rosy and radiant, your heart is doing well. Another indication is the tongue, especially the tip. Here, too, shows a positive constitution in a strong pink color. “Wear his heart on his sleeve,” the proverb says, at least, the Chinese doctor everything!

When the heat rises to the head

The Chinese medicine distinguishes between three disease factors on the challenging weather conditions, the emotional factors and the wrong lifestyle. The first two are connected together, also assigned to a phase transformation. The first main feature of the first or emotional factor of the fire is well understood that heat. It makes us move and stimulates us. In abundance but it can be confusion, drowsiness and eventual heart disease . it can make us literally hot and unable to keep a cool head.

Is … and the joy of noise, suffers from the harmony.

The second decisive characteristics of the fire are the fun and enjoyment. They are the creative activity of the heart and are also available for your enjoyment. If the desire is too large, a person becomes euphoric and trying to prolong this state of obsessive with stimulants or narcotics. This disturbs the energy structure, because the heart energy can only come to perfection, when they said goodbye again and again of the joy of success. For the actual implementation, this means among other things, not to luxuriate in the past, but to face the present.

Resting and cooling help

If the fire is present in excess, can occur for this transformation phase typical diseases, such as excessive flow of speech, incoordination, loss of power of the senses, speech disorders, insomnia, sleep disorders and addictions, to mania, psychosis, panic attacks and loss of reality. However, this imbalance can contribute towards: Hot drinks (tea), which received the neutralizing power of the spleen, and cooling foods (see box) can be combined with the intent to remain calm prevented. Even the bitter taste slows the fire, it lowers, cools and dries.