The survey reveals that an English journalist study published in 1998 linking MMR vaccine and autism was based on falsified data.

On January 5, the journal British Medical Journal published a survey (in English) journalist Brian Deer once again denouncing a study published in 1998 falsely linking vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine to autism in children. This article indicates that it was even a fraud, the physician in charge of the study with data handled and moved large sums of money from a lawyer involved in a lawsuit against the vaccine.

Last year, the General Medical Council (the English equivalent of the Council of the College of Physicians French) concluded that the 1998 study written by Dr Wakefield, Walker-Smith and 11 other signatories from the Royal Free Medical School of London was “dishonest” and lacked ethics. The four epidemiological studies that followed the 1998 paper showed that there was no scientific link between the vaccine and autism, and the methodology of the original study has been strongly criticized. If the authors could still claim to have made a simple error scientist Brian Deer’s investigation demonstrates how Dr. Wakefield deliberately falsified the data for his patients to get the results he wanted, and affected hundreds of thousands of pounds in the process.


Presented as three children with autism do in fact have never developed the disease

The paper was presented in 1998 as a student a sample of 12 children who received the MMR vaccine, and that normally no symptoms prior to vaccination. The study claimed that in this sample, nine children have begun to develop a regressive autism few days or weeks after the injection of MMR vaccine. To verify this assertion, journalist Brian Deer has met the families of patients forming the sample. Information taken three autistic children presented as the study did not actually ever been diagnosed with the disease. And the nine supposedly regressive autism, finally one was clearly a victim, the other with less severe forms of the disease.

Find another survey showing the manipulation, medical records and family confirmed that five children had developmental problems before receiving the vaccine. In fact, the patients, instead of being randomly selected, were chosen by activists against the MMR vaccine. Finally, normal results of an examination have been changed simply to believe that nine children were also suffering from inflammation of the colon, creating an imaginary link between the vaccine, bowel symptoms and brain disease.