The therapist is a medical professional rehabilitation that is not only useful for athletes, it also allows any sick person to regain physical health after an accident or injury. The medicinal part of this practice is a science to health and very often recognized and recommended in the treatment of injuries of muscles, soft tissues, bones or joints. The therapist is a specialist several malfunctions on neurosciences, cardiorespiratory and musculoskeletal systems namely bones, muscles and joints. He handles and cares for people of all ages to learn from infants to elderly individuals, pregnant women and through sports. It will provide better care to patients according to their physical health conditions. When these people are suffering in consultation with a specialist physiotherapist, it determines, after wide consultation and accurately, the problem of discomfort or pain to prescribe treatments tailored to their profiles. After a thorough treatment to correct lesions, professional trying to improve posture, the way of life of patients and their actions to prevent recurrence of the various potential complications.


It is a complete and comprehensive assessment of the health status of patients, did a quick scan on the background problems by examining radiology and other medical documents. Then, it performs extensive reviews of contentious parts of the body and other places that link with the pain by performing tests to ensure perfect mobility of the joints, the magnitude of the pain, reflexes and strength. Thereafter, he recommends a very personalized for each individual patient or to help find an optimal shape in a fast and expected time regimen. Several different approaches are used by the specialist, and generally, he uses many of them to provide care to one or more patients during multiple sessions.

Among these approaches, it can use the ultrasonic anti-inflammatory properties or electrical appliances, prescribing exercise to allow patients to regain coordination, balance and flexibility, manual therapy or massage , manipulation and mobilization for recovery of mobility and fluidity of joints and movements. The therapist prescribed for patients with sessions that vary according to their physical condition. For massages in an adolescent for a minor sprain problem, he recommends a minimum of four to six sessions. As against an individual with a chronic illness can take a lot more consistent and regular care that will extend over several months or years depending on the extent of the disease. The sessions in this specialist are very expensive and vary depending on the type of treatment desired or required.

Sessions for evaluation are more expensive than a therapy session. In some state structures, the patient direct access to consultation and treatment by a specialist physiotherapy without requiring a prescription from their general physician. The majority of public and private clinics in the country are specialized in the treatment of ailments of physiotherapy. Consultations are paid and sometimes very expensive, and the care received. It is really important to go to a permanent visit to a specialist physiotherapy when suffering from a muscle injury or other internal ailments to find relief from it and receive practical advice on health and lifestyle or sport that allows us to avoid these problems can be very unpleasant for our lives and our activities.