Tense, we are waiting for meetings and presentations, and let us stress from time to time. Always on the move to be: that our professional lives requires of us. It is not without consequences, such as chronic neck tension is already on your way to the medical accessory to be nothing. What can adjust the contrast, progressive muscle relaxation, and why not help yoga and Co.

An exciting thing

The power itself is part of our lives and maintains us in the truest sense of the word. The tension is, in turn, technically speaking, the effort is reflected in the shortening of the muscle fibers. Without voltage so no movement, so far so good. But where there is tension, there must be relaxation: the complete absence of muscular tension.


“You must relax”

That an imbalance between the two factors can have negative effects, the Chicago physician and physiologist Edmund Jacobson recognized at the beginning of the 20th Century. He noted that stress-related illness as well as nervous disorders such as insomnia or anxiety, express, as occur in the form of physical complaints such as indigestion, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, fatigue and neck pain. For this, the American doctor, developed a theory based on 20 years of research and treatment regimen: progressive muscle relaxation.

Be aware of letting go

Anyone who has ever tried on the Council! “Just relax some” let go, know that does not relax at your fingertips. Progressive muscle relaxation is due to the following conclusion: the systematic tensing and relaxing different muscle groups can be eliminated almost any muscle contraction and thus cause a feeling of relaxation. By reducing the heart rate and blood pressure, body and mind can relax and recharge your batteries. Once the skeletal muscles, which is arbitrarily steerable relaxed, this effect is also about the inner muscles.

Relaxation can be learned

Reached this state of relaxation on certain exercises under the guidance of a therapist or even using a practice book. The patient focuses on specific muscle groups as it flexes. This voltage is maintained for 5 to 7 seconds, after which the muscles are relaxed again with all your mind. Thus the whole body is worked through. The regular repetition is particularly important, because who is the feeling of relaxation has impressed well enough, it can be much more different from the feeling of tension and is also more relaxed in everyday life through life.