Undergo hospitalization sometimes goes hand in hand with annoyance and tribulations faced by patients in care facilities.

There is sometimes a gap between good intentions and reality in the field. The hospital is a topic seller in French society and is a chestnut classic news magazines publishing the list of the various institutions for example.

The patient at the heart of the health system?

In theory, the patient is at the center of care. He was handed a welcome booklet on admission and a satisfaction questionnaire was also issued at the output. In the welcome booklet, the indications are detailed and explanatory. They range from admission procedures, rights and duties of patients. The High Authority of Health since its inception has elsewhere in the heart of its notions of good contractors and good practices to be followed by health facilities. Despite these advances, what is the reality on the ground for users? If technical platforms have benefited from recent technological advances sometimes at the cost of heavy investments, certain practices have little or no change over time.

The difficulties encountered by hospitalized.

Staff shortages or pricing activity, the need for profitability or at least the adjustment of expenditure to revenue are sometimes accompanied with discomfort experienced by patients during a hospital stay. When is weakened and the moral decline logically, small annoyances of everyday are amplified. Processes and protocols of health facilities, if they obey the logic of internal functioning, are not always compatible with the serenity of patients. It is for example essential to take the voltage or temperature still very early, while some patients are still asleep? Service lunches or dinners at times very advanced compared to daily habits do not fit everyone.


More fundamentally, the patient often has the feeling of a lack of information, because of the bearings personal use changes the “fishing” is difficult. The results of various tests or blood tests are not always spontaneously commented. The long wait for radios or programmed various reviews yet also seem illogical sometimes. Even if the professional caregiver is not involved, it’s time to put some people at the center of the device. Greater weight of user representatives on the boards of directors of care is certainly one of the tracks to be preferred.