U.S. scientists are working to make 2012 the year that the vaccine is ready smoking, which will help many smokers.

The smoking is an epidemic that kills annually to nearly six million people. And more than 600,000 die from exposure to secondhand smoke. In addition to the evil which in itself has the snuff, smokers are more likely to catch diseases like tuberculosis and pneumonia.


With the entry into Spain of the smoking ban in 2011 there are many people who have decided to quit. Some have resorted to tech gadgets to stop this bad habit, like cigarettes steam, others have opted for the known patches or nicotine gum, and many others have used willpower.

Vaccine against smoking

Yet 36% of the population tries to leave this habit but it fails in any of the forms. For them, U.S. scientists are conducting research to develop a vaccine against smoking . It is believed that by the end of next year could be ready, however, in the United States. In Spain we have to wait until 2013 to prove its effectiveness. Still, you should know that this vaccine will have a “high cost”.

This vaccine, like all others, consists of viruses associated with evil that wants to fight (in this case nicotine). Thus, antibodies that fight against this virus has gotten into the body and with which it has already in the body. This gives you the nicotine molecules from reaching the brain and thus, smokers feel no pleasure in smoking , which is what causes the addiction.

The treatment consists of five doses to be administered over the course of six months. During the first month (most critical) patients begin to see results. This treatment must be accompanied by psychological counseling to prevent relapse. The results of this vaccine in the U.S. trials have been very favorable. 40% of those who have supplied the vaccine does not have a cigarette again. This drug , which is therapeutic and not preventive, can be administered to pregnant women because it does not harm the fetus and prevent damage to snuff it affected the baby.

Next target: cocaine

Like the evil of snuff, cocaine use also kills thousands of people around the world. The cocaine vaccine is also in process, but research is less advanced than the vaccine against smoking. Still, he has developed a study of 300 people of which the outcome is still unknown, but as as good as in the case of snuff, research will accelerate.

Percentages of the smoking ban

For the past six months that went into effect the smoking ban is still 1% of premises in which the owners skip the law and allow smoking to their clients. In addition 17% of locals do not put the sign “No Smoking” in its premises. The smoking ban says that if a place has a snuff vending machine must be placed inside to monitor and control power consumption. However, the local 1% of the machine placed on the outside. Despite the law, 88% of customers are going to your usual bar, although they are not allowed to smoke.

With respect to conformity of smokers with the smoking ban the issue is more divided, as 50% agree against the other 50% is against the law. The figures speak for themselves. The snuff drug killed one hundred million people in the twentieth century, and unless this is curbed, smoking can kill up to one billion people in the XXI century.