For three months, a new “morning after pill” is available which not only 3, but five days after unprotected sexual intercourse or acts. It is based on the drug ulipristal acetate, which acts similar to preparations for early abortion.

He had been employed are used Levornogestrel drug within three hours, then stay for another 120 hours to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. The effectiveness of the new drug is as good as that of levonorgestrel. But both also applies: the earlier they are used, the more certain they work. Levonorgestrel is a synthetic progestin that ovulation depending on the administration time prevented or delayed. The structure of the uterine lining is disturbed, and a fertilized egg can not settle. Is it already come to an implantation, does not levonorgestrel.


Ulipristal acetate inhibits the other hand, progestin effects by binding to the Progesteronrezptor. The female sex hormone progesterone from the group of progestins during pregnancy regulates the growth of the embryo and provides it with nutrients. By inhibiting ovulation progesterone ulipristal acetate is disrupted and replaced the lining of the uterus. This is then shed as a menstrual period.

The “pill for even longer after that” is already in Germany, France and Great Britain on the market. Common side effects include abdominal pain and headaches or nausea. A possible pre-existing pregnancy at a later stage should be excluded from taking it, as there are no studies on the malformation risk. A pregnancy test with a doctor is essential.