Miracle diets do not exist and can be very damaging to our health as well causing the dreaded rebound effect in most cases. In this description, we give details what are the most effectual weight loss diets but at all times maintaining health, progressive, balanced way and with no suffering.

The 3 most effective diets for weight loss

Diets that work

For a diet to be healthy and effective we have to forget starve make huge sacrifices, obsessed with calories, mistreatment of light food etc. We also have to give up getting great results within days. Diets that work are progressive and allow us to lose weight while we feel more vital, less health evils and a better mood. The key to these diets is the way to eat. We offer three choices of diet that will allow you to notice changes in a few days but if you create with patience and perseverance they will assist you achieve your ideal weight without suffering and lasting way.

  1. The less carbohydrate diet

Because they give energy which if not burned convert, a lot of nutritionists recommend reducing carbohydrate diets into fat deposits. In addition, today we eat too scores of carbohydrates for worse, are refined and poor quality. In this diet we will eliminate white flour and foods made ​​from them bread, pasta, biscuits, pasta, etc. Nor we should eat products made ​​with whole grains, and today are often developed with white flour and bran added and likewise contribute to overweight.

  • Rice
  • Avenal
  • Quinoa
  • Amaranth

These small servings of whole grain consume at breakfast and lunch, but not dinner. Always choose natural, unprocessed foods, good excellence and easy to digest.

For protein:

  • White meat, preferably organic
  • Fish
  • Fat cheese
  • Egg
  • Legumes
  • Nuts (a handful a day) and seeds
  1. Diet care-the-dinner

This diet consists of eating a balanced way during the day but pay special attention to dinner, since the last meal of the day is the main cause of overweight. During the day we eat in moderation, without abusing any eventual food and small treats. However we must be strict with the following: We have dinner before 8 o’clock. If we are hungry later, we will take an infusion or an apple before bed. Dinners always consist of a first vegetable dish salad vegetables, vegetable soup or gazpacho and a light serving of protein egg, fish or lean meat cooked grilled or baked. For dessert we eat if we want a baked apple or a pear. If we are strict with this simple pattern we can see how we lose weight gradually because at night, our body tends to get rid of toxins and balance provided it does not have to be directing the energy to digest dinner.