There are visible signs that our body sends us to communicate its stage of health, it is then up to us to have “antennae” to be able to interpret and understand, let us see how.

The body speaks, communicates in its own way its been and we should have a lot of respect for what is not only a carrier, which is not only a lever, but the container is not only our souls but our moods and experiences of daily. E for this reason that know how to listen and observe, but also know to respect, makes our body is our real! then begin to consider together what are the main signs that we should not underestimate. Hair Look them together with the observation of the nails is a important reading on the state of general health. If your hair falls out and is not the “season of chestnuts” the reasons could be many, and the first impact would be appropriate to see if the base there is a stressful situation, which must be contextualized or professional level or family level and affective.


In any case, if the reason is psychological, once the origin happen you will have to proceed with the appropriate therapy, which will cure consequently also the hair. The reason for the fall could also simply be linked to the use of overly aggressive products or poor and dubious quality, better then to rely on specialists in the field and use safe products and certificates, or natural products. Finally fall and fragility may be indicative of the presence of deficiency of vitamins, minerals or amino acids. While the most obvious problems and worrisome, such as l alopecia, may have a connection with diseases such as pneumonia, hyperthyroidism, diabetes mellifluous, etc.


It important to note the nails and assess whether there are certain anomalies, such as vertical stripes synonymous, as for the hair, nutritional deficiencies, especially of iron load. While the horizontal streaks indicate low calcium, B vitamins or vitamin A. If they were pale? Perhaps the most likely hypothesis is that of anemia. language The two units connected to it are definitely the heart and stomach. If everything works at both levels of the tongue is pink and rough. If there are problems here are the possible readings:

Hands and Skin

veins on the back of the hand should not be visible if they are protruding and should drink less. extensive skin is the organ of our body, the presence of any mottled purplish may indicate a deficiency of vitamin C, the pallor may indicate anemia or iron deficiency in the blood. Itching or redness may be a sign of stress.