Healthy eating habits for a lean and healthy body means eating food with joy and with pleasure. Read this post by Margaret Wright on the right eating habits.

On our journey to lightness and joy of life we are dealing this time with the basic need of the human body, the food, the food utilization of the human body according to work the laws of nature, and here we move into the first constitution of the digestive process: how do I eat? This aspect of my experience at the beginning again and again impatient eye rolling and the assurance that you know all this anyway! However, it pays no attention. The healthy eating habits is an essential cornerstone of the foundation for a lean body represent one another cornerstone of a healthy foundation of Einstein delivered his realization that everything vibrates, so does our body with all its cells. The quality of the oscillations depends on our emotions and thoughts. In order to achieve a lean body playful, it is necessary to change the orientation to fight AGAINST the body that is in place now to work WITH the body and its needs.


Healthy eating habits for a lean and healthy body means:

¤Diet with joy! Whatever you eat, you eat it with pleasure! You have made a choice so you have a choice. This keeps your body in an open and healthy vibrations for optimum digestion. Eat with the knowledge that you now make your body the necessary food. Therefore love is indeed through his stomach in this context as causative ingredient with complex effects!
¤To enjoy the food, it is necessary to schedule the time and leisure. They are the most important person in your life you can dine off with no workarounds! This could be immediately put on your self-esteem!
¤Whatever you eat, chew it at least 20 times so your body can resist all the food nutrients and optimal metabolism takes place. Food that is strangled without chewing into the stomach can not digest properly. Means that the body can not remove and recycle the nutrients and it is stored. With the result that they will be hungry again quickly!
¤When food is chewed sufficiently, the body can not stand in the food nutrients are available and in turn creates a lack of energy. If you often feel listless and exhausted, then the possible cause could be a food deficit, even with heavy meals. It is a fact that many overweight body suffer from malnutrition!
¤Do not take any liquid whatsoever for the duration of the meal. Thereby diluting your digestive juices and thus affect the metabolism with the same results as just mentioned!

The cuisine may seem trivial many my 28-year-old practice, however, has repeatedly shown that automatic weight loss often occurs even by changing the way of nutrition. If you doubt this, then simply make your own findings to the next restaurant visit: watch several people at the meal. Who has eaten the fastest = which body type? And who sits and eats still, even if everyone is already finished = what body type? You will be able to confirm the law of healthy eating habits and over again! Another fundamental ingredient to weight problems is of course the emotional level. What attitudes and blockages are the cause of the accumulation of fat? How do I detect and resolve this? What is my real motivation? On this expedition we move into our next issue. Until next time, I wish you an enjoyable life and remain