The ice cream is good for your health : it’s appropriate to say it. In fact revealed a food can bring several benefits to our body, from all the nutrients essential that provides: Calcium and vitamin B . Perhaps it hard to believe, but also goes well in a low-calorie diet . If we choose the fruit flavors, we need not fear for calories , as long as you do not overdo the portions. In essence, just what we need to satisfy health weight loss plans and taste, now that you are going to get the summer and the heat. We see in the specific merits and virtues of ice cream.

Besides being nutritious, it can be considered a food with low glycemic index . This means that it helps prevent insulin spikes and makes us feel full longer. The cells slowly absorb the glucose and use it for energy, turning it into fat. For what concerns the calories, we are of about 150 kcal per 100 grams for those in fruit and 300 kcal per 100 grams for the tastes to the cream .

In both cases, however, there are contributions for health. The fruit offers anti-oxidants , the cream protein milk or eggs, there are minerals , fat and easily digestible phosphorus useful for muscles.
The ice cream is great even for those sports . Contains water in abundance to replenish losses due to perspiration that occurs during exercise. Lactose and sucrose also prove important for the metabolism of the red blood cells and the nervous tissue.


Some tastes in particular, such as hazelnut and pistachio, are rich in omega 3 and omega 6 , which help to combat the effects of cellular aging. Do not forget the ice cream is also good for all ‘ mood . They showed different scientific studies on the subject, such as the one conducted by the experts of the Institute of Psychiatry in London: eating ice cream, it triggers a reward mechanism in the brain is very similar to what you get when you devote yourself to ‘listening to their favorite music.

Each person finds his psychological motivation that gives satisfaction: nostalgic return to childhood, help in crisis sentimental consolation after a tiring day. In any case, the emotional response is never absent. The same goes for the various flavors: coffee and tiramisu to recharge, black cherry and pistachio, with their colors, to relax, to counteract the chocolate moments of sadness.

A search of the University of Amsterdam has shown that eating a delicious ice cream affect facial expressions, which become marked by a feeling of joy. The speech seems to be true especially for the Italians, who can rely on a proven tradition of the ice cream . On the other hand we should not underestimate the fact that sugars are readily absorbed fail to activate the confrontational cortex – frontal area of the brain placed in what is called the circuit of pleasure .