Who loves shiatsu, acupressure and a penchant for the positive effect of chiropractic treatment has enjoyed should try this type of massage is crucial, for Tuina combines many of these elements from a Western perspective. But for massage newbies is: Tuina is good!

Traditionally, well

The term comes from the Tuina Chinese “tui” means pushing, “na” attack. This also has two of the main techniques of manual therapy in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) are recorded. The theoretical basis of Tui Na is based on the theory of yin and yang, which is also the basis of TCM. Yin and yang are polar, interdependent aspects inherent in all things – including the processes and functions of the body.


Balance & Harmony

Yin and yang are out of balance, the life energy qi, it is constantly in motion substance, no longer flows smoothly. The consequence: it produces a disease. The Tuina massage can bring into balance again this imbalance, a deficiency of yin, yang and qi balance and derive an energy overload, by blockages are resolved and the energy flow is restored.

Pain-free through the everyday

You coming up now before all be Chinese? To take advantage of a Tuina treatment, you have to be a TCM expert and already know in advance where your energy blocks. After all, belongs to a professional Tuina therapy after extensive consultation before any treatment unit. Complaints that can be treated with Tuina are about musculoskeletal disorders, but also the digestive tract such as gastritis and constipation. A positive influence on the Tuina massage insomnia, migraines or hyperactivity in children. Should refrain from treating people suffering from infectious diseases, tumors, tumors, external injuries, rashes or broken bones. Pregnant women should not be used tuina in the abdominal area.

Lend a hand to heal and

The Tuina treatment, such as shiatsu therapy used on the clothed body. With the fingertips, palms, palms and elbows of the therapist-pressing, kneading, pushing, vibrant, comprehensive, rubbing, clapping and shaking motions. A massage session lasts usually between 20 and 60 minutes. Then adjusts itself in most patients a light, fresh and well-being excited, but also a certain amount of fatigue is a possible reaction. After two days is also gone and the results speak for themselves: energy flows!