We are ready to go to work and suddenly here is a strong pain in my head, the same can also arrive at the end of a day, due to fatigue, stress, anxiety. There is correlation between migraine and emotions?

How many types of pain in my head are there? They are all the same? Is there a link between a certain pain in my head and personality of who is affected? headaches From the center of the Besta Institute of Milan would come the reply in the affirmative, that there would be a link between personality and type of pain in my head . Gennaro Bussone, director of the medical center, supports and affirms that, thanks to the display through magnetic resonance imaging brain, it has been noted that some areas of the brain have a modification related to the functionality in relation to emotions.


In summary, the culture and the type of personality would affect the modulation of pain in the brain, causing a headache more or less strong, but especially experienced differently from individual to individual. Personality and headache Depending on the personality you would originate a ‘indication on the likely development of a headache rather than another, and consequently what type of therapy may be more effective. Warn before a nuisance and then the real pain in my head seems to be a clear warning of an emotional type, resulting from an imbalance in the homeostatic level.

Causes of headaches The reasons underlying the pain in my head can be many: vascular problems, stress, anxiety, abnormal posture, dental problems, shoulders, difficulty in digestion, dehydration, predisposing factors at the genetic level, a psychological and emotional distress. psychological level you can interpret the pain in my head like a block of thoughts that crowd in a disorderly fashion and pressing in the head, but also a difficulty to relate in a simple and spontaneous with others may be the cause of some types of this disorder. Having pain in my head may therefore be interpreted as “I do not want to lose her head “, trying to have control over everything from people to work for the family.

Studies on headache In the 30s began the first studies on the relationship and the relationship between a headache and type of personality that were later investigated by Nemiah and Stiffness in the 70s, who wanted to indicate with the term Alexia the set of personality characteristics with psychosomatic problems that prove difficult to develop in a balanced emotions. Migraine, which has a strong link with stress, would see these people with a real difficulty expressing in words what they feel, by negative emotions such as anger and anger to positive emotions. Homeostasis is then disturbed by a “block”, today revised its by Bussone.

The stress should be managed in such a way to channel it properly all the emotions and avoid negative ones contain too much, because over time they create a “traffic jam” at the domestic level, both on a psychic level is at the physical level. Proposals to improve to try to solve and avoid this problem you need to relax as much as possible, do yoga can help, adopt relaxation techniques , maybe take a nice trip over the weekend, learn to let go and express what you have inside.