At first glance the title may seem odd and even incongruous, but just for fun, let’s look at this a bit closer.
I made two major depressions in my life, in 2008 and 2012. I will focus on the latter, after a descent of more than eight months, a suicide attempt, hospitalization for two months in University Institute in mental health therapy in closed 3 months. I can say I have come a long way and it is more than positive. How to see and understand that depression reveals life on another day that we had never seen before? The question is simple, the answer is equally important. Depression a wonderful thing, it puts us physical and mental batteries completely flat, from the moment we choose to keep it that way or recharging. That is what I chose to do, but asking me a question though.

What made me dive well, draining me of all my resources to the point of no longer be functional in any way? From the moment we identify the reasons that often leads us to rethink our ways of doing and being in life. It is here that I want to show you that depression is not negative. If I’m honest in my analysis of why I fell and thereby challenged the way I lived and cogitates the answers that will demonstrate all through me, quirks, bad habits that I had named it what you want, you now have the unique opportunity to change.


If quietly small step small step, you change the way you live every day, that you adopt a new way of life, more philosophical saying. Every little change you make to live better and be happy, that whatever the gesture that you adopt in your life will be made based on a better life. Every victory you will earn on your own, small or large, they are all important, as you enjoy a glass of wine or ice cream is to taste! You will begin to take the road of inner well-being of your home.

This way you can make it pleasant or not, it’s your choice of course and no one else can decide for you. But if you opt for it to be positive, your mind will begin to record new material and examples of the positive and then I think that with such an attitude you head briskly to happiness. This simple happiness, everyone is always looking at your fingertips. When I realized that I had a right to happiness too and especially there was only me who could not or decided to try it, it has radically changed my thinking and I am indebted to life.

I clearly remember the moment when I decided to change a lot in me and in my life. It had been a few days since I was in the hospital and I walked through the corridors, seeing other patients, many of which were clearly sicker than me. I stopped, sat down in the living room and I said to myself internally ‘ ‘are you coming here every four years? ”. There are graves of those moments in life that mark us and we might almost say the exact time, the time and place where we were when this awareness and reflection. Like a lot of people remember where they were when Kennedy assassination or the famous 11 September 2001, the day of, was one for me. The answer arose immediately not a good feeling it will be installed in me, and the next day I undertook very seriously my meetings with my psychiatrist and all the others that I had to meet during my stay. Then, when I arrived at the center of growth Renaissance (RACs) where I did my therapy from the first day I started listening and attentive way that I could do to improve my life at any point of views. I became like a sponge in search of water.

These five month break, reflections on my past life and downtime to overcome the most and best possible causes of my hospitalization, have been the trigger for this new life that I enjoy every day. As the days progressed, the more I became the insurance in me and my strength that I discovered and tamed one after another. Trust is also installing everything was finally met for me to do with my future, a most enjoyable adventure that I enjoy again and again. The road to a new happiness created, shaped and wanted only me taking shape slowly, I began to finally taste the happiness of living simply.

Sometimes it does not have to look so far to be happy, a good dinner with his girlfriend, an evening with a couple of friends, a meeting with my children, a walk outside, a smile or a laugh and child what else. Yes, the list is long of those little daily pleasures that may go unnoticed but can be real gems if so lingers a bit. After the publication of my first book, many people came to buy my book directly from me, and every time, they told me large parts of their lives. I thought that was very generous and very inspiring because they had me their recipes to happiness and health and often we had the same vision. What beautiful exchange I had with these people, I thank them very much for their great generosity of heart.

Thereafter, I had the good fortune to do some lectures before the summer one just for residents of the JRC. I had the good fortune to review a patient whom I had met at the hospital and had not been as lucky as me in his recovery though, slowly, he began to feel better. But on several occasions, I explained to them that the will, desire and taste to go forward should be paramount in their recoveries. I had not become, overnight, a writer and now a lecturer … but first, I have become a better man, a being who enjoys life for what it can give us, and what I can for it however.