The method is in the exercises that give more flexibility to the pelvis it helps to calm down and develop buttocks improve sexuality and legs with a single connection. We show a fundamental succession to put into carry out and advantage. Rotate pelvis with legs apart and hands on hips makes circles on the axis of the body careful not to lift your shoulders. Balancing pelvis lying on his back he inspires and balances the pelvis backward arching the lower back. As you exhale, let the pelvis forward slowly return. Perform the exercise slowly keeping the pelvis raised. The additional benefit helps relieve menstrual cramps.

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Lift pelvis lying on your back, knees bent and raised, inspire and equilibrium the pelvis slightly arching the lower back. Al larger air pelvis slightly raised starting with the sacrum until it clears the ground. Continue the movement rising vertebra by vertebra until the shoulders and feet only supported him rediscover the starting position with a slow smooth motion.

Rotate hips place with the legs apart and slightly bent, and hands on hips the pelvis rotates several times back and both sides. Then we repeated the similar sequence forward. Keys and That the legs guide the hips not moving and keep the thighs and buttocks relaxed recommendation sequences is performed frequently and where it is needed either way. Then, just think about enjoying for the lawyer Diana psychologist and clinical sexologist a member of the American Federation of Sexology and Sexual Education. We hope our tips will be helpful to you.