The grapefruit seed oil, effective natural antibiotic, overcomes the evils the most varied thrush, infection, inflammation, poisoning .

Effective in humans as in animals, the grapefruit seed extract (GSE) is also useful in the garden. The discovery of the benefits of grapefruit oil is a coincidence. Indeed, a doctor, gardener in his spare time, found in 1980 that grapefruit seed thrown on the compost does not rot. The phenomenon is studied in the laboratory, and it turns out that grapefruit seeds contain a substance more potent and less harmful than antibiotics. Further research begins, and the virtues of grapefruit extract on bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts and parasites are highlighted while the conventional antibiotic acts only on bacteria. The EPP is over 800 strains of bacteria and one hundred strains of fungi, unparalleled results! Moreover, it boosts the immune system while antibiotics weaken.

Internal use of grapefruit seed extract

Oral dosage is 2 to 6 drops of EPP, three times a day diluted in water or orange juice on a period of 1 to 3 months of improvement or cure. It is advisable to begin treatment with 2 drops and gradually increase. The EPP is sovereign in all urinary tract infections, chronic fatigue, food poisoning, bronchitis and flu. It is very useful in intestinal diseases where it inhibits harmful bacteria and does not attack with absolutely precious bifidus. The entire plant is improved.
The use of PPE lowers the concentration of Helicobacters responsible for gastritis and stomach ulcers. It acts favorably on Candida albicans and other fungi that grow from the misuse of antibiotics.


External use of grapefruit seed extract

¤ If mouth ulcers, bad breath, thrush, gingivitis: rinse mouth with 20 drops of grapefruit extract diluted in a glass of water.
¤ Herpes or chapped lips will find an improved friction consists of three drops of EPP diluted in a little vegetable oil.
¤ Cure warts and fungal infections, nails, with pure extract applied twice a day.
¤ To relieve sore throats and coughs: gargle with a mixture of 20 drops of EPP for a glass of water.
¤ Dandruff scalp disappear if you add fifteen drops of EPP in your dose of shampoo.
¤ For best storage of your cosmetics “home”, add a few drops of grapefruit seed extract.

Use of grapefruit seed extract to the animals and garden

Sixty to eighty drops of extract diluted in one liter of water and sprayed on your pet help you overcome various fungal and epidemics. This solution disinfects and helps wound healing. It can be used for cleaning ears and spray the hooves of horses or cows. For disinfection of barns and stables, just 10 ml of extract for a bucket of 10 liters of water. In the garden, the attacks of mildew and aphids will be eradicated by spraying with 10 drops of EPP per liter of water to be renewed 3 days later.


Juice or grapefruit seed extract can increase the effect of certain medications.