The segment of the hair transplant will stop progress, especially because of the succulent FUE by micro-aspiration. This way certifies precision, comfort and efficiency at the time of sampling and the location of plugins.
FUE Micro-aspiration main reason the use of special tools to help the doctor for the eradication and reintegration of Micrografts. It is a method of hair transplant insensitive and sequelae is achieved in two stages.

First step: it consists in removing the “graft” a novel technique which the highlight is its automation: a Micro-plugin 1.2 minutes maximum diameter removed using Micro-aspiration. Unlike the usual method of fue, the extirpation of “graft” with micro-suction succulent away the risk of attack and shock onions.

After shaving the area to be taken before the operation, a strip of thirty cm in length is formed, regardless of the rank introduced areata patient. Under local numbing, intrusion ensures insensitive sampling. In addition, micro-aspiration is how the benefit is the presentation of the value of grafts, then selected with organic serum. After they become selected and inventoried after spread over a strip moistened with cold saline. At all stages of use, attention is bound to “plugins”.


Step 2: implantation of grafts. As a practical self-transplant FUE is known to keep to a minimum the risk of rejection. The recipient area is sleepy and ready to receive the “plugins”. It sees a strong hair growth and, therefore, it is important to establish the “Plugins” carefully. This way of hair transplant is automated with an electronic tool allocated a “suction” of the micro-graft method of propulsion to the area to set up is precisely the doctor from time to time using supported operator for the operation to be done more rapide.Précisement the device hair transplant “fue” is renowned for its automated blameless results: full regrowth “grafts” implanted, practical non-invasive and painless, the patient can even showering her hairy skin immediately after the intervention, with confidence.