Sex for Women. A book that dares to reveal everything about the mysterious female.

Gerard Zwang, surgeon, urologist and passionate classical struggle valiantly to rehabilitate the sex of women in contemporary society. Unknown, the wonderful world that is the origin of female intrigue men. Why this magnificent organ, hollow, wet, cracked, hairy and smelly he has attire against him many enemies.

Gerard Zwang committed author and activist

Gerard Zwang author of erotic function made headlines in the 70s for his stance against female made for little girls in Africa. Today he laments followers bikini Brazilian, genital piercing, and surgery reconstitution female private parts. His book published by Jean Jacques Pervert in 1967 in the midst of the sexual revolution helped to move the lines in the field. Better knowledge of women about their own bodies and accept their differences. For medical anatomist, provide a mapping of real female in good health, able to give birth and give pleasure to oneself and the other. Some women thanking the author of a very warm “its two hearts.” The book has raised particular controversy among American feminists.


Female gender sensitive, hairy, smelly and cracked

It addresses the gender of women on all fronts. Anatomical Firstly, he describes in great detail and illustrations of female finery. Beginning with an outer peripheral vision, it lingers with delight on the edges of the slot vulva. Lover of women and the contents of the slot it causes the reader traveler in a strange country and enigmatic. Then he explains how this female erogenous functions not (ability to give birth, urinary system) and erogenous. It focuses particularly on the women felt during orgasm. Finally, it details the operation of vaginal or clitoral pleasure. In passing the author criticizes Freud for his thoughts on the opposition vagina and clitoris. Subject of ridicule or contempt on the part of men, the female has been seen dressed up in many nicknames including literature (see glossary and bibliography) is happily echoes. Geometric shapes (oval, round, triangle), geographical location (the empire of media), the sex of the woman has unique characteristics, fundamental differences that makes living as impenetrable.

The Greek artist J. sex woman unattractive

A final chapter evoking the aesthetic representation of Sex woman in the history of art evokes how Greek artists (and horrific geometric reasons), then the Christian religion (religion separates the body from the mind) of the enjoyment deliberately forgot to dress up artistic representations (statues) featuring a female body and sex hairy slit. It is with the S surreal that it was later awarded the right to quote.What should he retain this book? Gerard Zwang formed with Professor Lightweight and Caulker book a book with obvious erotic content, so do not put your hands between wholes but also offers a reflection on the place of women in our society.