When vitamin B12 is a water soluble vitamin, which is the health of the people of an almost existential meaning.

A very complex connection: The vitamin B12 is vitally important, so are the tasks of the cobalamin, as it is called, of very different nature. According to experts, a lack of vitamin B12 in fact be life threatening.

Basically, the vitamin B12 is made up of so-called organometallic substances which have a one-or multiply charged cobalt ion. The individual composition of the vitamin is very complex, and this is the only naturally occurring variant of cobalt-containing materials also. Following tasks fulfilled the valuable vitamin in the human body in the first place:

* It promotes blood formation in the bone marrow
* It provides for normal blood clotting
* It regulates the structure and the functioning of the entire nervous system
* It affects foliate metabolism (thus especially for pregnant women and young mothers from a very special meaning)
* It is responsible for the cell division and so …

In the following foods is vitamin B12, among other things:

* Milk, cheese, yogurt and other dairy products
* Eggs
* Fish
* Liver
* Sauerkraut


To consider in the supply of cobalamin in the daily diet is that it is very sensitive and therefore very easily destroyed. Mainly due to the influence of light and oxygen, a high proportion of the valuable vitamin is destroyed. In view of this fact, it is in any case, milk and all other vitamin B12-containing foods to close as possible to light and air tight and store it in cool. Various studies show that the way can be long cooking (milk) reduce the cobalamin content by almost half. Careful preparation of said food is so vital in this context.

What are the health consequences of vitamin B12 deficiency?

At the beginning of the last century it was often of deaths as a result of anemia mentioned. Only through extensive and lengthy medical studies have concluded that these were caused by a deficiency of vitamin B12. If the human body that is fed too little of it, this seems among other negative effects on the foliate-memory. In addition, nerve inflammation or paralysis may occur which can result in non-treatment or incorrect Therapeutic death.

Connect with consequences

If we are too little vitamin B12 available to blood clotting and blood formation slows delayed. A special messenger, which is formed in the stomach is responsible for ensuring that the cobalamin can ever be conveyed to the relevant sites in the body. In this regard, it is called intrinsic factor. For stomach problems (for example, gastritis, ulcers and similar problems) could occur as a result, a vitamin B12 deficiency. Medical care is therefore essential in such a situation.

Risk groups – including people over 60, patients with stomach problems and pregnant women – should be respected in all cases consultation with the specialist of their choice to a possible vitamin B12 deficiency effectively through appropriate forms of treatment to counteract.