Nature explodes and you can welcome its new energy in your living space and / or work. You choose to benefit and celebrate in your own way, what this beautiful spring season! No bones ancestors proceeded in this season a major clean. Windows wide open, the dust was driven into every corner, quilts and mattresses were exposed to the sun. In the garden, carpets were beaten. we find this tradition in Asian communities to approach the Chinese New Year and then spring. The living spaces are stripped of everything that could impede the flow of energy renewal. So if you want, you also enjoy, here’s a very simple little list.

The time to think. Regarded around you and you decide what is useful and what you are truly committed.
Imagine you get rid of all those things that clutter inside. N ‘spare no drawer, no closet, no cabinet. You see this great home will allow you to highlight what you actually hold and save space. It’s time to take action!


T laugh and divide into 4 categories. To preserve, to give, to take and sell.E Eliminate the “just in case”. This is what led you to accumulate all these things. The “if” you will never (99% of cases) and you know it. Take advantage of this opportunity to separate damaged items.Mower sale. Several options are available: deposits selling, empty attics, flea markets, websites, free classified ads, auction houses. enjoy your new space to value what is important to you heart. You’ve earned it!

Savoriness your happiness. If you chose the gift associations, you brought happiness to people who do not have the means to acquire all these useless things for you. If you earned money, treat yourself! Congratulations! You have acquired, your determination, a new freedom. This great cleaning has not only released your living space, it leaves room for new energies in your body and mind and therefore the occurrence of new events for your well-being.