The enemy’s health habits ? The bad habits you want to delete, without right of appeal are more widespread and frequent than you think. Without stating the vices most extreme, from smoke to the spirits, through laziness and inactivity, small and large newspapers mechanisms should be changed quickly to avoid health risks. Here are the main habits to eliminate.

The smoke

Smoking is bad, very bad. Poison the pure state for the organism. Increases the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease, impairs health and function of the lungs, but not only. The cigarette, shot after shot, also has deleterious effects on the beauty : worsens the color of the teeth , turn off the light and brilliance of hair, graying skin and increases the risk wrinkles .


The spirits

If the wine and beer, consumed in moderation and without excess, can become allies in a good mood and healthy balanced diet, the spirits, in contrast, are enemies of health. First, because of the high alcohol content, but not only. Wine and beer, as well as alcohol, also contain beneficial substances and useful properties. The spirits are pure alcohol, mixed with sugar and spices, for a result of calorie and harmful.

The junk food

The junk food, you know, not a great ally neither health nor the line. A calorie bomb that puts a strain on the silhouette and the cardiovascular system. Junk food should be banned to prevent overweight, obesity and cholesterol through the roof. Instead, why not indulge in snacks and more healthy diet, such as fruits and vegetables?

Little sleep

Sleeping little hurts. Not only because powers of concentration and attention span are likely to be compromised by poor hours of sleep, because I do not enjoy, at least, the usual eight hours a night is likely to affect also on beauty and well-being.


The laziness does not help you live longer and even fit and healthy, indeed. Always choose the elevator instead of the stairs, the car and the bus instead of a healthy walk, it is a very bad habit, due to overweight and cardiovascular disease.