The wood element symbolizes the awakening of the Chinese theory, the flexibility, creativity, tolerance and ability to make decisions. The bamboo is a symbol for those skills.

Currently we are in the element wood. When the effect of the element begins and ends again, we answered Siglinde nutritionist Catherine Mayer, nutritionist and trainer to the Chinese dietetics at Castle Hill Institute TCM Academy:
“Within the five elements of the spring wood element is associated with us in the West during this season only starts on March 21, the spring is reached at this time in the traditional Chinese teaching at its peak and has already begun in mid-February,. In China is celebrated at this time also the beginning of the new year. In total, a season or a member 73 days and then the spring will end at the April 28, followed by a 18-day transition period, the so-called “dojo-time” , in which one can turn to the summer, both sides of the diet, lifestyle can also prepare mentally. ” Wooden supports and nurtures the one hand, the fire element, but restricts the other hand, the earth element a (root displaced soil).

The symbolic content of the element of wood

Wood promotes growth, life, vitality, dynamism, activity and creativity. It is generally an extension and expansive forces, as well as opening up a new morning all the possibilities of a day. “In spring, the juices and the Yang come back to the surface and make themselves felt in the countryside with the expulsion of the trees and shrubs even experienced man” spring fever “and feels revitalized,” said Catherine Mayer Siglinde. The bamboo is a symbol of the properties of wood: bamboo is soft and flexible, fits in so perfectly to the surrounding conditions and depends on time and again a classic “bounceback” So.High and cylindrical shapes are also associated with the wood element.


What is particularly important in this phase transformation of body, mind and soul:

In the physical area of the timber body, the liver yin and yang as the gallbladder organ associated with: “The liver , the suppleness of tendons and ligaments, the vision and the storage of the blood responsible . Is at the soul level, particularly vulnerable by insults, anger and frustration Our western proverb one a louse passes through the liver is spot on the head. The gall bladder can, however, our decision to the outside, so someone with a harmoniously flowing liver and gallbladder qi one hand, be flexible in his thinking and acting, on the other hand make decisions quickly, but carefully considered. It is this function code is particularly important, it controls not only the flow of energy in its own organs, but is also responsible for harmony in all other functional groups. ”

Action force, adventure and consistent actions are among the strengths of the wood element. However, pressure has a negative effect . wood needs space for personal development and a degree of autonomy. An eye approximated timber element can deal with feelings of rage and anger and properly manage these emotions into regular orbits. The eye and the sense of sight associated with the timber. In addition, the element wood are other psychological aspects: the ethereal soul Hun is comparable to the Western understanding of the subconscious, emotional experiences are stored here. This experience only make a plan at all possible, which then serves as the basis for new actions.

In summary, we can note:

“In the spring , that is the element of wood is for us a purification of body, but also beneficial to the spiritual level, therefore, the slag, which have accumulated over the winter, are now eliminated. On the one hand, by increasing physical activity, on the other hand, awakens our creativity but also the spring weather and sells affliction. ”

The Wood element and the food we eat

The sour taste and characterize the color green foods that are associated with the element of wood. For optimal strengthening of the timber element, preferably eat:

Olives, vinegar, sauerkraut, pickles, tomatoes, green vegetables, rhubarb,
Wheat, spelled, spelled, sprouts, herbs
Sour cream, yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese, sour milk or
tart apples, kiwi, cranberry, blackberry, gooseberry, lemon, orange, cherry.

The following drinks are suitable Mallow, fruit juice, dry white wine, sparkling wine and beer. The preparation for “wood” is made by steaming or blanching.

Nutritionist recommends Mayer also concluded:

“On the part of the diet you can give support very much, without having to do a detox program in the Western sense. Nature offers young dandelion and wild garlic, but also home-grown sprouts movement to bring our energy flow, come to our yang freely again to the surface to have and to tell the struggle of spring fever. Light meals such as rice pans, garlic soup, spinach and chard enrich the diet and are now beginning their gardening does to rid our personal element timber of any blockages. “The daily meals should contain at least one combination of five elements, which will serve to strengthen the personal Qi. Again, the principle of holism and shall make a one-sided to be avoided.