Invented in China in 2004, the electronic cigarette is booming. What about its advantages and its disadvantages?

The e-cigarette is very timely in France. While the ban on smoking in public places was put into place, the electronic cigarette is marketed, offering an alternative to smoking.

Big advantage: a much healthier cigarette

If the e-cigarette is allowed in public places is that it is safe, at least for non-smoking environment. Spat out the breath by the smoker consists only of water vapor. Instead, the cigarette smoke is very harmful traditional and 4.000 includes hazardous and carcinogenic. In addition, the atomizer which broadcasts nicotine works through a battery and does not use the principle of combustion, thereby eliminating the risk of fire.

Reduced cost

Although the price of the electronic cigarette can put off at first sight (minimum 50 €), refills (about € 7 for the equivalent of approximately 50 cigarettes) appear much less expensive than conventional cigarette packages. In the medium term, the price of the e-cigarette is depreciated and you even save money compared to traditional smoking!


A product not yet fully commercialized

More and more varieties of electronic cigarettes (mini, disposable, slim) are created, so much so that it can be difficult to make a choice when you’re a neophyte. Moreover, this product is relatively absent in tobacco shops. Only pharmacies sell it. The design of the e-cigarette is also subject to criticism. Too heavy and too long, it is not nice to keep in mouth. New models are born to overcome these disadvantages. Unlike many advertisements on the subject, the e-cigarette does not necessarily stop smoking. No health agency has acknowledged its therapeutic properties in terms of smoking cessation. If it is healthier, it still contains the addictive substance, nicotine, and reproduces the same feelings and actions.

Dangerous or not?

Finally, the lack of information about its actual composition is also unfortunate. Results of initial laboratory tests are expected in recent years. Nicotine is obviously a dangerous substance to avoid and which can cause heart attacks. In this perspective, e-cigarettes without nicotine are available for those who want to wean themselves from this addictive substance but are unable to pass the act of smoking. Smokers must also be more conscientious about the use of e-cigarettes. Common symptoms such as slurred speech, thirst or alteration of the voices are not affected. It might then be tempted to smoke more than usual without realizing it.

Moreover, many rumors about the dangers of e-cigarettes have been circulating on the Web, particularly about the presence of Propylene Glycol. This substance is used in food and cosmetics, but it seems possible that it is toxic in liquid form and in large doses. Present in small amounts in most electronic cigarettes, it should be no problem. However, with any new product is not certified, the caution. Therefore, certain brand as EdSylver have preferred simply remove that component of their cigarettes. In conclusion, the electronic cigarette is still “under construction” and should be used with caution even if it does not seem too risky to say that she will always be less hazardous than conventional cigarette and 4.000 toxins.