Major issue of public health, anti-smoking fight can not be ensured by the State

The phenomenon is common and predictable. The good people who are trying to stop a bad habit by imposing rules constantly see the negative effects arise. There are always crafty to circumvent bans, or a solution to a new problem. When men have found a way to cook meat, they had to quickly find a way to prevent fires. The art of solving a problem, therefore, is not only the ability to find solutions. It is also to anticipate the consequences of these solutions, which are sometimes as create new and more serious problems. This scheme is declinable to infinity but is particularly just now, in the debate on smoking.

Smoking, thorn in the side of the State

The fight against smoking is a major public health issue for which the State is seeking to implement an effective strategy and a coordinated plan of action. Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death with more than 70,000 deaths per year. The number of tobacco-related deaths per year in France is 73,000 while it was 30,000 for alcohol and 4000 for the road. In a report to the National Assembly, the Committee of evaluation and monitoring of public policies recognized that the results were insufficient to improve and it was necessary to act on all the levers of public action by mobilizing all stakeholders, including businesses.


Devices still fighting ineffective

All resources made available to date by companies engaging in the sale of replacement and smoking cessation did not meet satisfaction. The patch, the method of weaning drug most used since the 1990s, was challenged in 2009 because it has been shown that it was not only the nicotine that made dependent, but its association with other molecules.

More importantly, the patch, such as gum or tablets, does not resolve the psychological and behavioral dependency order that the smoker suffers when it brutally deprives the gesture will stop or decrease smoking. The electronic cigarette has come this shortcoming, but again, a new complication has been reported.

The electronic cigarette, yes, but without encouragement to smoke: pride Eric Mead

If the electronic cigarette is indeed an interesting way to fight against the double dependence, nicotine and gestures, it is also a potential encouragement to smoke for the young, especially if it is sold at tobacconists as traditional cigarettes. The only way to prevent this from occurring is to be sold in pharmacies and be recognized as a medical device with the MSNA.

So far, there are only Visiomed who has managed to get it. To do this, the group based its claims on clinical studies have clearly shown a significant improvement in the rate of smoking cessation and gestures associated with those who have used similar devices cigarette Tag Replay. First medical device dedicated to smoking cessation, Tag replay is also another weapon for the state that needs new tools to improve a struggle for now at an impasse.