We’re talking about clitoral orgasms, vaginal or multiple. What are the differences between these three orgasms? The clitoris and vagina are two very sensitive areas a sexual stimulation in women. These parts are capable of causing stimulated orgasmic pleasure.

The clitoral orgasm: the clitoris is the sexual organ of pleasure for women is the most sensitive part of the female anatomy, which is why women more easily reach orgasm while a clitoral orgasm vaginal. 80% of women are more sensitive to orgasm through clitoral stimulation, vaginal orgasm by being more rare. felt pleasure during clitoral orgasm is considered more intense. It only takes a few minutes unlike vaginal orgasm favorite.

Vaginal Orgasm: during penetration, the nerve endings in the vagina are stimulated and causes a deep orgasm. vaginal To experience a pleasure, the woman should be able to tighten his muscles against the vaginal phallus of her partner nerves the vagina are stimulated and the woman feels pleasure to orgasm.

Multiple orgasms: some women may have a series of orgasms one after the other. Only 10% of women reported having already experienced. Sexual satisfaction does not depend on the number or orgasm orgasms. Many women do not experience orgasms during sex and considers himself perfectly satisfied sexually.


It is known that the woman requires much more time than men to reach an orgasm. In case the man is premature ejaculation , it is important despite premature ejaculation continue to drive the woman to give him time to reach orgasm and sexual satisfaction, even if it is not penetrating. To facilitate both orgasm in men than in women, it is important to support time for foreplay. For a man, avoid change of pace or techniques at the wrong time. Some positions, such as the Andromache facilitate the onset of orgasm.

How to delay ejaculation ?

Bring the man a maximum excitation and slow pace. Repeat this action puiseurs a repeatedly to unleash favorite ejaculation. Another method would be nose pressure base of the penis firmly for a few seconds when ejaculation is felt. Finally, we say that the orgasm would affect the skin, making it more vivid, the tone of the body but also the cardiovascular.