The dental clinic or dental office is a place for the care and maintenance of teeth, but also gums, jaws and joints involved in the proper functioning of chewing, the first step of the digestive function. Everybody wants to have healthy teeth and impeccable oral health as good dental health has a positive impact on well-being. The dental institute is therefore defined as a medical space strictly for oral health, but also to improve aesthetics (beautiful smile). A brief overview of the dental clinic, the reasons that push us to go and the team composition of a dental center.

There are many circumstances that often grow to go to a dental clinic

Although since our childhood, our parents have accustomed us to brush your teeth after every meal, and do not take undue advantage of sweets, you can never escape the visit to the dentist. Would that to remove tartar or to whiten teeth, visiting a dental center is almost mandatory, besides the sensitization of the WHO are really strong about it. We must understand that having bad teeth is not at all a foregone conclusion, as in the times we live in, products and drugs used in dental practice are many and are all very good quality, not to mention equipment all of which are from the latest technology. The associated dental center image has been gone, today it has become a place of rescue for all those who suffer from dental diseases.


A place in which weaves a true relationship between the patient and the dentist

Many people give up and dental care for fear of roulette that has existed since the anesthesia. Some people even take it as a chore consultation at Dental Center. This continues despite the fact that the reality is quite different. This fear is often unfounded and constitutes a barrier to attendance at dental offices. This is why dentists and dentists try to be more welcoming, most helpful and reassuring to their customers. They take care of the pain and anxiety with techniques and better drugs. Note that until now, the technologies used are constantly evolving to be able to ensure comfort and customer satisfaction. Thus, it is the duty of the dentist to offer a relationship of sufficient quality to a care contract with each customer. This relationship of trust and transparency is of great importance, because it is slowly dissipate the fear experienced by the patient.

Teams working in the dental clinic and the responsibilities of the dentist

The staff of the dental center is managed by the dentist. A priori, the team includes dental assistants, dental assistant, laboratory technicians, medical secretary who is usually in charge of welcoming customers and ensures the smooth running of the firm. The dentist is the captain of the boat, because it is the sole responsibility of the procedures performed in the dental office. Must meet specific standards and practices in terms of disinfection, sterilization, waste disposal (following strict regulations), but also radiation. The main hazards are clearly identified. Prevention is implemented daily basis to dental center to ensure maximum patient safety in a profession where zero risk is almost zero. Essentially therefore, all costs of the operation and equipment of the center are all strictly the responsibility of the dentist.