Today, cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide. What are the risk factors? How to avoid them?

Cardiovascular diseases, a real problem for the future.

Today, cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide. They represent more than 17 million killed each year, and this number is constantly increasing. Why so violent an evolution? What are the causes of cardiovascular disease? What are the treatment options?

Of disease growing.

These diseases, caused by heart disease of any kind, are becoming more deadly as and when the years. Indeed, it provides more than 23 million people killed each year within 20 years. Risk factors are multiple, and cases are distributed according to a particular provision. Indeed the North are concerned, with an aging population ever increasing, and therefore a greater fragility of the body. Southern countries are also victims of these diseases, with the main risk factor, precarious. We also note a difference in manifestation of cardiovascular disease between men and women. In 2010, in France, there are over 67,000 deaths per man, for diseases of the circulatory system, and more than 78,000 deaths in women. These diseases in our country, the second biggest killer after tumors.


Of multiple risk factors

Overweight and diabetes: The main risk factor for cardiovascular disease is being overweight. A diet high in fat can cause cholesterol to the individual, including responsibility for atherosclerosis. These are patches of fat being deposited on artery walls, causing many side effects. Atherosclerosis can be a very advanced stage and thus completely block the artery. The formation of blood clots resulting from the latter, may be responsible for myocardial infarction, stroke and many other heart diseases. One of the other risks associated with overweight is diabetes. It is characterized by elevated levels of blood sugar, promoting the development of heart disease. Diabetes can also be congenital, that is what we will develop later in this article.

Tobacco: Tobacco is a risk factor contributing significantly to the increase in deaths of people with cardiovascular disease. Carbon monoxide, making use of very hazardous products that make up the cigarette, deteriorates the arteries, and promotes the deposition of atheromatous plaque (plaques of fat), resulting in risk of heart attack or stroke, by formation of blood clots. This is a preventable risk factor, which could save the lives of millions of people.

Hypertension: High blood pressure results in a rapid ejection of blood into the arteries, causing premature fatigue of the heart, and risk of cardiovascular disease very important. High blood pressure also facilitates fat deposits in arteries, myocardial responsible for example, or stroke.

Congenital malformations: Many malformations of the heart or heart valves, for example can cause very serious heart disease, sometimes fatal at birth. Diabetes mellitus type I is a risk factor for congenital. It is hereditary and increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Risk reduction can: Cardiovascular diseases have an incidence rate very important, and that due to multiple risk factors. Reducing its risk factors, there is less chance of being hit or killed by these diseases. The first preventable, is undoubtedly tobacco.

Indeed, tobacco multiplies by 5 the risk of predisposition to cardiovascular disease. The fewer smokers, fewer deaths are frequent. However, smoking is now back in morals, in part because of the hype once provoked. However, adequate treatment is to stop smoking. The nicotine replacement therapies, as more and more people are using to stop the negative effects of smoking on health. But now the real problem is young people. Young people are increasingly likely to smoke, despite higher prices to discourage, or more recently the addition of pictures shocks on cigarette packages.

The second cause of preventable, is overweight. To avoid the deposition of atheromatous plaque in the arteries, all you need is a healthy and balanced. It should not be too rich in fat. Today the biggest problem comes from the United States, with the exponential increase in the number of obese, due to the development of fast food and other nutrition taught wrong. For this reason, the number of deaths from cardiovascular disease is a major United States. Finally, sport is also an effective way to maintain his heart, and significantly reduce its risk years these diseases. Hence the well-known slogan, “eat and move.”