Farsi beautiful before giving birth? The new fashion in the world of mothers. More and more women are resorting to cosmetic treatments to be beautiful and radiant in photographs post-labor.

People used to say that the birth would make women look beautiful: the light in their eyes after having given birth to a new life is unique and wonderful. Now, however, seem to be women … look pretty for the birth! The reason? Look your best in photographs post-labor. The natural beauty and mother is simply not enough, perhaps aided by the fact that the pictures taken after childbirth are intended, in most cases, to appear on some social network . Stop the hair altered, the tired faces and pale complexion, then. 2.0 The new mothers say yes to the makeup, the hair, the hair salon, and, why not, even tanning treatment, because the output from the delivery room that looks like the beautician … but with a little child in his arms more! From the VIP world.


The trend is born, as always, on the other hand, within the world of VIP. To reveal it is the Daily Mail said that the experience of Coleen Rooney , who little more than a month ago gave birth to her second son, Klay. The wife of the famous Manchester United player seems to have prepared with great care to childbirth and photos to be posted on her Twitter after labor seem to confirm this. Shiny hair, smile, radiant complexion, thick eyelashes, long and hyper-cured: a presence so beautiful that the child is likely to pass, unfortunately, on the second floor.

To the “normal”!

The new fashion to be beautiful before delivery has rapidly spread also outside the VIP world. In England, figures show an increase of 10% of women who require specific pre-birth to beauty salons. Even in Italy the fashion is spreading : although no official figures, but industry experts have confirmed that even in the Bel country are moms who want to be radiant on the day of birth. For this reason there was a “boom “of offers on the web and in beauty salons : many are the discounts and savings on the package of beauty Maternity.

One thing is certain: those who have recourse to a planned caesarean section was the way “esplanade”. Are many beauty salons that offer moms a specific treatment for twenty-four hours prior to delivery. And ‘what they had recourse Kate, wife of Richard, who told the Daily Mail his beauty treatment pre-natal classes: waxing legs and bikini area , retouching eyebrows and eyelashes to curative treatment , pedicure , french manicure and tanning spray.

Kate told how happy I am to be able to see so brightly in the pictures of the birth of William. Unlike what happened with the shots of the birth of the eldest son, Charlie, came after a long labor, the woman confided that he had suffered a major collapse of self-esteem in the sight of those pictures, so that the birth of William decided not to repeat the error.