Fresh juices : for taste, variety and health!

Fresh juices are undeniably superior to juice trade, whose ingredients have been treated and processed, which contain additives and in general have been pasteurized. With fresh juice, obtained through a juicer fitted with roller mills, you get the most nutrients to meet the needs of your body and improve your health. The fresh vegetable juice can consume more vegetables. Try to eat a pound of raw carrots, or you can drink a pound of raw carrots easily. And fresh vegetable juices contain almost all the nutrients of the original vegetables if they come from a quality juicer.

Vegetable juice, but juice cereal or juice legumes (wheat grass, barley grass, young shoots of sunflower and buckwheat), are a great way to eat nutritious raw foods. We can make blends, creating new flavors, and they are even more digestible than whole foods from which they come. Fresh green juice, wheat grass juice in particular, remarkable detoxifying effects, thus promoting better health. Fresh juices have therapeutic properties have long been recognized. For example.


juice Wort fights depression and burnout, neuralgia, headaches and rheumatism, nettle juice helps purify the blood celery juice facilitates digestion juice Valerian helps to overcome the insomnia and decrease stress the oat juice stimulates blood circulation and gives energy, carrot juice is excellent against the heartburn and hyperacidity.

The juice should be eaten very fresh, as it quickly lose their nutritional properties and even flavor. But good juicers, thanks to a magnetic technology, reduce oxidation and prolong the shelf life of juice. We’re talking about a two or three days in the refrigerator. You can make fresh vegetable juice from whole vegetables leaves, stems and roots (except rhubarb and carrot, whose leaves are toxic). So you get maximum nutrients.

Mixed fresh juice are often happy discoveries. For example, add the carrots and celery to other vegetable juice, or mix different varieties of the same vegetable (like tomatoes). Here are some other suggestions: Wheat grass, carrots, cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, celery, parsley, carrots, red pepper, garlic, onion, watercress (V8 house) Wheat grass, beets, carrots, potatoes carrots, cucumbers, beets spinach, celery, parsley, carrots cabbage, apple, lemon, water Grapefruit, oranges, water and honey Cantaloupe, blueberries.

Simply pressed the hand or fruit juice obtained through a juicer powered centrifugal force (centrifuge) must prefer the juice extracted through a juicer high quality, fitted with roller mills which retains a maximum of minerals and live enzymes. For best fresh juice , choose a juicer at low speed (about 100-150 rounds / min), to powerful and versatile as possible. Other advantages of a good juicer: low-noise, ease of use and cleaning.