We repeat incessantly: we must eat slowly. And even if we all agree that it is healthier to eat his meal quietly rush least two, very few of us take the time to do so. Here are some benefits that will perhaps convince you to slow down.

Eat slowly to eat less

This is the reason most often mentioned: if we take time to eat, the body is given the chance to capture the satiety signal that we send to the brain. It is said that this signal is 15 to 20 minutes to appear. However, we usually empty his plate much faster than that and when you feel satiated, it is too late.Allocating 25 to 30 minutes for our meal, depositing our fork down between bites, you can feel satiety time. According to recent studies, eating quickly doubles the risk of obesity.

Eat slowly to re-tame the hunger

Our obsession with thinness, “good” and “bad” foods light and years of conditioning to empty our plates we have lost contact with biological signals basic hunger and satiety. We eat often used by automation.By taking the time to sit down to eat (meals as snacks), we give ourselves the time to listen to the signals your body sends us. Thus, learning to listen to these basic signals, it will be perhaps consider, for example, we could extend the breakfast time, we need a small snack in the morning, that we overload our plates all the time.


Eat slowly to improve our digestion

Digestion begins in the mouth with the action of saliva. Taking our time during meals, depositing our fork down between bites, you chew our food more and eat in peace. Chewing and calm both of which improve digestion.

Eat slowly to meditate

Focus our attention in the present moment. Awareness of sensations, tastes, textures, smells. In meditation, this is called mindfulness. Because you have to eat, why not make those 30 minutes oasis of calm in our days overloaded? We turned off the radio, TV and brought our attention on our meal. In addition, all our senses and feed contributes to satiety.

Eat slowly to reconnect with our loved ones

I grant you: meditation, meals and children do not either. However, we can revive the tradition of family meals. Between your bites, drop your fork and take your new world. Laughs, complicity and confidence assured.