The recommendations of the doctors on the need to drink fluids during pregnancy goes beyond the simple function to hydrate the body and so the water is transformed into a “travel companion” of expectant mothers.

During pregnancy, take an adequate amount of fluids is as much if not more important than a balanced diet.
Though there are many drinks that do not have specific contraindications for the past few months, such as fruit juices and infusions, one of the best options to refresh and quench their thirst remains however the water. How much water should drink? Drink 10 glasses of water a day during all 9 months of waiting can help prevent many problems related to pregnancy and promote the welfare of the mother and the child. At birth, in fact, the baby’s body is composed of 80% water and just, even if the growth rate tends to decline this never drops below 60%. Benefits water during pregnancy Among the many benefits of drinking plenty of water some directly affect the mother while others affect fetal well-being.


The dehydration during pregnancy is something more than just an annoyance, it can in fact cause headaches, nausea and even contractions in recent months. Ensure adequate hydration to the body will help prevent these diseases and allow all organs of the body to function Drink plenty of water promotes intestinal transit and prevents problems such as constipation or the appearance of annoying hemorrhoids . Fluid retention causing swelling and heaviness legs , ankles and feet can be alleviated through adequate fluid intake, which dilute the minerals in the diet. At the end of pregnancy the volume of blood comes to duplicate than before becoming pregnant, and to ensure a Proper blood circulation to the placenta and to compensate for blood loss, inevitable at the time of delivery.

Drinking water will help our body to cope with this increased demand of fluid in the blood. drinking the recommended amount of water to help the body produce urine in abundance , preventing annoying problems such as cystitis and kidney stones, unfortunately frequent during pregnancy. ‘s not overlook then the aesthetic side, given that proper intake of water promotes the elasticity of the tissues, preventing the appearance of the hated stretch marks . Regarding the welfare of the baby remember that for 9 months lives immersed in amniotic fluid , composed for the most part of water.

For this to be abundant and allows the baby to move and develop properly we must constantly replenish our body fluids. too small to get the nourishment in liquid form through the umbilical cord, making it essential to take water. Hydration indoors and outdoors Maintain the good habit of drinking often and small amounts of liquids is quite simple when we are in the home, as it becomes more difficult to remember to drink when we are away from home or at work. For those who work in the office a practical solution may be to bring a bottle of 1 liter and a half, getting used to drink it all by the end of the workday.