Do you remember the good delicious dishes for your family members and you eat for special occasions: the Grandma pie, eggs stuffed with Germaine aunt or uncle Claude mochas. You dreamed sometimes for months! But what makes these foods so attractive? They particularly appreciate because we know that they were made ​​with love by people who are dear to us. And you? Do you take the time to cook? When I ask this question during my lectures, I have the right answers to the usual “no time”, “with two children, I am not able,” “I do not taste any food so I go to a restaurant “. Personally, when my weight reached 452 pounds, I had to learn to cook and I must admit that my life has been transformed. Thanks to the “comfort food” and the art of cooking in general, I realized many things. Let me just list a few of the benefits you derive by taking the time to cook.

Take a break

Life goes so fast. Children, dodos and make the job that we take time for ourselves is decreasing year by year. When you decide to cook a dish, you have no choice but to spend time with yourself. You must take the time to complete each step of the recipe, otherwise the culinary masterpiece may be of poor quality. Spending time to cook, you can unzip it and have fun.


Have quality time with the family

When you take the time to cook a meal for the family, the atmosphere is festive. You can take the time to talk with your spouse or children. During the week, it is not rare to see the rest of the family at the dinner. It is interesting that the hour or 30 minutes are enjoyable. Do everything in your power to make dinner (or any meal) becomes a family ritual.

Economy calories

When you go to restaurants, you have no idea of ​​the calories that are hidden in your plate. To give flavor to food, it adds readily hydrogenated fats and oil of poor quality. Even your favorite restaurant salad usually contains a maximum calories. Cooking yourself, you will have the chance to control what you put in your food and understand some concepts of nutrition.

You extend your life expectancy!

Have you ever looked at the list of ingredients of a frozen dinner or a box of crackers supposedly healthy? You’d be surprised how the food industry injects more or less acceptable substances in their products to give them flavor. Believe it or not, but a spaghetti dinner frozen form may contain up to 32 ingredients. Some preservatives used are very controversial and what is sodium, I do not surely surprise you by showing you that there may be 1,500 milligrams of salt in one meal then they should not consume more 2400 milligrams daily. then? That you be cooking this weekend?