What are the last days of August to the sea or the first dive of a beautiful September sea, the sea offers us a lot of useful minerals for our body. We try to take advantage of them!

Take a bath in the sea offers benefits of mind / body immediate, which is why being able to spend a little, or even better long vacation at the beach in summer or spring, as they say, all health! many minerals in seawater? In the sea we can find, between a wave and the other, fewer than 92 minerals, certain that it is hard to remember all the names, unless you delight in marine biology or chemistry, but among the most famous in the first place goes definitely the sodium. In addition to this we will also find mineral magnesium, bromine, potassium … useful for our health in many respects.


Stress and circulation This concentration of minerals can give the body a real chance to drive away the stress , also promotes circulation. In order to facilitate this benefit, are excellent walks with water to the ankles or waist. Skin After a bath the skin is toned and radiant, smoother to the touch and “clean” from dead cells, a kind of natural scrub , that the water fails to perform in a simple but effective. Bromine and iodine purify the skin with a disinfectant and antiseptic. From the dermatological point of view is well established that those who suffer from seborrheic acne, pimples and wounds or scars, thanks to salt water can really get some good results over time. receives from the hydro-lipid film epithelial sodium water deterring , which is why the skin is more radiant and beautiful. For atopic dermatitis, widespread among both adults and children, a nice sea bath and walks on the shore are a blessing, to the point that this philosophy is followed by some health centers also in major Italian cities. Osmosis and cellulite Sodium is able to perform an action, as well as superficial, even much deeper, which is why taking a bath also gives aid to organs or internal organs.

Osmosis in seawater is very naturally: the body eliminates excess fluids and minerals from the sea receives more useful. The cellulite is one of those situations that may help treat or even just doing baths in sea water. A house is shown for example bathe in a natural way, adding to the water of the pool of simple coarse salt and bicarbonate. Extra pounds Swimming in sea water it becomes firm and you also lose the extra pounds, obviously following a proper diet rich in fruit and vegetables. The metabolism is stimulated by the fact micro elements marine, such as iodine, capable of accelerating from only the whole metabolism and promote weight loss. Even the salt iodized used in cooking is a kind of adjunct in this regard, especially where diets are low in fish and foods naturally rich in this mineral, or for those who like most of us live in cities, and not by the sea .