The vaccine capable of overcoming addiction to snuff is a reality that will soon be used throughout the world.

About 2,000 people in the United States is already using this method, the treatment consists of five doses given over a period of six months. The U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse has prepared this vaccine , which achieves therapeutically eliminate addiction to snuff , while that can be used preventively. In principle it is estimated that the efficiency is 40% and in terms of side effects, must be said that are scarce.


This new remedy is a breakthrough. It is a remedy to prevent the onset of smoking, help quit smoking and prevent relapses and snuff damage to the fetus. It could also administered to adolescents, the first time you get vaccinated to prevent addictive behavior and not a disease. Until the vaccine arrives, you can use other methods against smoking, continue to drive all the willpower. The tenacity and commitment are essential to give constant habit harmful to both health and the pocket.

Menthol cigarettes

Its use is particularly widespread among black smokers and some question its effectiveness, because they are more attractive to younger teens and do not eliminate the addiction. Sometimes its refreshing taste leads to increased dependency, if it is proven that there are more unhealthy than conventional ones.

The electronic cigarette

Very fashionable for advertising that has reached the past few months, we find this alternative , low cost and definitely healthier than before. The electronic cigarette is a device technology designed to emulate the classical model, using a system of evaporation and a rechargeable battery. By giving a puff, nicotine is absorbed, taste emulator snuff, aroma and smoke, in this case, water vapor, but deliver us from other addictive substances and toxic to the body, such as carbon monoxide and tar common in cigarettes.

Other virtues of this alternative is that you can smoke anywhere , even inside an enclosure, and does not carry the smoke, does not produce ash, does not stain the teeth and fingers yellow leaves are avoided odors and discomfort people who are around, no side effects and its price is considerably cheaper. Powered by a lithium battery, an electronic circuit nicotine dispenser and a light. The spray delivers a fictional smoke and vapor containing nicotine and inhaling the light turns red on the front end, creating an illusory fiction that gives the appearance of a real cigarette and calm and the craving of the smoker.

Nicotine gum and patches

Despite its playful, gourmet presentation in the form of chewing gum, drugs are authentic. There are several flavors: original, mint, lemon, fruit and contain from 2 to 4 milligrams of nicotine-half of which is absorbed at last, that are released in the mouth following the method of Nicotine Replacement Therapy. It is recommended to take them regularly throughout the day, when the craving arise, without actually exceed 10 per day. Can be combined with the patch , always following doctor’s orders.

The way of chewing is another difference from the normal gum. It is necessary to chew slowly and let it sit a while in the area between the cheek and gum, then you have to wait until the flavor diminishes slowly and chew again. The duration of the entire process should take about 30 minutes. The total treatment cover from 8 weeks to 3 months and should not be interrupted prematurely. As for side effects may appear so mild and infrequent dizziness, nausea, headache or upset stomach, mouth and throat.

Meanwhile, the patches are a kind of strips that attach to the skin in areas of short hair for 24 or 16 hours, according to the type-releasing controlled amounts of nicotine that is absorbed through the dermis. They come in 7, 14 and 20 milligrams. Its mechanism of action, duration of treatment and side effects are similar to those of chewing gum, placing the success rate between 5% and 15%.

Other natural therapies without nicotine: hypnosis, acupuncture, self-help manuals

There are other therapies that are used alternatives to snuff and leave the important successes achieved if carried out conscientiously and professionally conducted. For hypnosis is necessary to contact a specialist school or engaged in it, as in the case of acupuncture , which uses the ancient knowledge of Chinese medicine. Finally, you can find thousands of books in bookstores and libraries, self-help books that offer advice and guidance channeled to minimize anxiety and stress that any process of detoxification involves.