Whether green, white or black, tea comes from the same plant: Camellia sinensis.

From the plant Camellia sinensis , tea is native to Southeast Asia, China and India, where it grows spontaneously. But now it is grown extensively in Brazil and in tropical Africa. The tea tree is a tree or shrub of the family Theaceae or Camelliacees , which, in the wild, reaches up to 10 m high, cultivated, 1 to 2 m. Its leaves are evergreen, dark green. The flowers are large, white and fragrant. In general, there are three kinds of tea: the green tea , the black tea and white tea . The tea is green when the leaves are simply sun-dried, rolled and then twisted several times to let the water evaporate. Black tea is said when a whole process is implemented to achieve the fermentation of tea.

Tea is white when it is composed mainly of buds. Tea leaves contain up to 4% caffeine , 15 to 20% of tannins , the flavonoids , and minerals (fluoride), of trace elements and gasoline . Causing excitation of the nervous system, heart and circulatory system, tea increases the secretion of gastric juices in the stomach. Used in case of fatigue or exhaustion, it is only an emergency remedy.


As tea contains a high tannin content, it is used in cases of diarrhea and colitis. Digestive tonic in case of upset stomach or indigestion, tea is also an important source of antioxidants due to flavonoids it contains. The latter slows cell aging, reduce the occurrence of certain cancers and cardiovascular diseases. Unfortunately, flavonoids have not only good effects since they partially inhibit the absorption of iron from fruits and vegetables. The best solution would be to add a little lemon juice in his tea to prevent this inhibition due to ferric food flavonoids. Diuretic, the effect of tea is limited to the removal of water. Green tea is more beneficial than others, although black tea is consumed and appreciated for its flavor.

World first drink after water, 900,000 cups of tea are consumed every minute. Among the world’s tea producing countries are India, ahead of China, followed in order, SriLanka, Kenya, Japan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Turkey and Iran. Recently introduced in the consumption habits of the French, the tea is slowly starting to break into the market thanks to the healing powers of the latter: vogue Asian dietary concern, looking for a flavored drink . no shortage of reasons to explain ‘growing interest in tea. Now combines greediness and saving power, tea, the popularity of the latter confirms the current green and the green trend of the moment .