The time of the water

Just before Christmas, we find ourselves in the water phase. When the effect of the element starts right and ends again, our nutritionist Siglinde Catherine Mayer, nutritionist explained to the Chinese dietetics and instructor at the Institute Schlossberg TCM Academy. in Graz and Vienna: “The winter is the element of water assigned and starts, not like us, only on 21 December, but already 36 days before and ends 36 days after the 21.12. ”


The symbolic content of the element of water

In the Western doctrine, there are only four elements, water is also one of the party. So it is among other things as the origin of life is, for cleaning and is arch-symbol of the soul – of the conscious and the unconscious.
A similarly high value he attributes to the Eastern philosophy:”The element of water is also in the Chinese theory of the origin of life. This element of the functional circuit of the kidney is housed, which is responsible for the fecundity and fertility.

In addition, the sense of hearing, hair, our courage and willpower are associated. This item is our so-called stored “pre-and post-natal” energy, ie, the kidney in the Chinese doctrine applies as a battery, as substance and essence as such. Also with us in the West it is the speech by saying that it’s a little on the kidneys. The element is further linked to a strong Yin, therefore, with the female principle. Here are more parallels between East and West in the allocation of water to the moon, darkness, femininity and fertility can be seen.Water is also teaching in the Far Eastern symbol of the wisdom and age. The spirit of this phase transformation is called Zhi.

What is particularly important in this phase transformation of body, mind and soul:

The water element calls us to rest and recovery: the tortoise teaches us to up the slower. Withdrawal is called for in order to guard against the cold and darkness: “Especially in winter, it is necessary to protect our personal element from external water cooling. On the emotional level of this element particularly by fear, traumatic experiences or bad relationships will be weakened. “Positive and balanced water makes, however courageous, flexible, self-conscious and frugal. Water is finally preparing to move forward again with the element wood.

The element of water and our food

The salty taste and the colors are black and blue native to this item. Therefore, foods that have at least one of these properties, well suited to strengthen the water element: salmon, tuna, shrimp and other saltwater fish and seafood, peas, soybeans, seaweed and mineral water are among other things. Nutritionist also recommends Mayer concluded, “recipes that support the element of water, so the kidney in the winter very well, should be warm and in combination with legumes. This could be around lens stews, but also be our classic martini goose with red cabbage and chestnuts,. As are casseroles from the oven ideal “