How to recognize a case of tuberculosis? What problems can occur?

The disease tuberculosis including tuberculosis, or moths called is still relevant. Although in recent years due to ever-improving living and sanitary conditions, the number of new cases has gone further and further back, there is still a year a large number of new cases. Frequently, tuberculosis is diagnosed late. Read this article which typical symptoms for tuberculosis.

What makes symptoms of tuberculosis?

The infection is by droplet infection. If the talks ill be transmitted pathogens sneezes or coughs in small droplets in the air, so that other people breathe in these bacteria. Approximately 6-8 weeks after the infection has occurred, it is one of the first symptoms. Initially, the symptoms are rather nonspecific. That is, they do not speak clearly for tuberculosis. The patients have slightly elevated temperature, sweating at night very much, have no appetite and dull.
In a later stage of the disease leads to cough and to the fact that the tuberculosis patients abhustet blood or a yellowish-green mucus. Also possible are chest pain, which occur depending on the breathing, and shortness of breath and swelling of local lymph nodes. In addition to the lung in tuberculosis, other organs may be affected in the course, if the pathogen is spread through blood.


These symptoms, a doctor should be consulted:

¤Cough that lasts longer than 3 weeks
¤strong, night sweats
¤moderate fever of more than 38 degrees
¤strong unwanted weight loss

For whom tuberculosis is dangerous?

People with strong immune systems may be exposed to the tuberculosis bacterium without getting sick. However, the bacterium remains in the body so that it can trigger the disease when the immune system is weakened. Therefore, people are particularly at risk with weakened immune systems. The immune system is weakened:

¤in HIV infection
¤people with organ transplants
¤in pregnancy
¤in alcoholics
¤in the elderly

Breaks in immunodeficient persons with tuberculosis, so the course is often fatal. Therefore, early diagnosis and early initiation of therapy is extremely important.

Which therapy?

Since there are more and more resistant strains of pathogens, treatment is difficult. The patients must take several months, a real drug cocktail. The therapy is sometimes accompanied by severe side effects, so that the therapy is often not carried out over the entire period. The drug should be discontinued prematurely in many cases and the tuberculosis may not heal properly. For cough that lasts longer and does not occur as a side effect of a cold or influenza infection, a doctor should be consulted to rule out tuberculosis.