Exchanging syringes against new ones, it is possible. The “Counter Syringe” No question of judging. Prevention first.

“This is anything but an invitation to eat! “exclaims Nicolas Tassin raised eyebrow. This educator knows whereof he speaks. He has 10 years of experience. The shutters up, it’s time to open the counter. The principle of the association is simple. When a heroin user back a used syringe, it receives a new one in exchange. This service is primarily aimed at reducing the risks associated with intravenous injections. In this way, he hopes to epidemics related to misuse. “We are also there to restore dignity to consumers. Above all, they are people too, A bell rang. A man of forty years enters the room. He welcomed those present a handful of trembling hand. “Hello “he quips shyly. An assistant leads in the break room where he can eat and drink. A sink is placed also available for grooming. Here, nothing is imposed. Violence is the only ban.

The “counter syringe” was the battle hard to be recognized. The situation has not always been evident with the locals and traders. Today, attitudes have changed. The police is also working with the association. It does not seek to punish consumers but dealers. The institution is perceived as a real citizens’ initiative. “We were faced with a completely destitute population. Which used a dozen times the same syringe, notching up arms, catching diseases and let them off the streets, “said the teacher. Since this time is over. The system works well and helps avoid unfortunate accidents as unintentional contamination.


Discreet service

Anonymity is the golden rule. Educators and assistants do not ask unnecessary questions. If the person wants to talk, she is free. If she asks for support, it will be supported. Denis nurse is available to them on the floor with a pharmacy meticulously controlled. No products containing codeine no tranquilizer. The door opens again after ringing insistently. Two young waiting at the entrance. One of them greet the teacher. “I go to eight months in prison. That’s why I was coming, “says he. The student shows her syringes packed in a tray. He replied in the negative. What interests him is to know where the cornflakes. ” It builds trust like a friend but we, we are not friends. But it welcomes the “whisper Nicolas Tassin behind the counter.

Better health beyond belief

Heroin users are mostly in poor condition. ” This population has suffered greatly. She lives in unstable conditions. Some sleep in cardboard boxes because they have nothing. This is what drives them to consume more “regrets the educator. The street life implies a constant work in emergencies. The association was able to open health care to consumers. This change allows better monitoring and ensures longer life. The room in which consultations are taught is sober. A bed and some old cabinets containing antiseptics. These interventions allow drug users to protect themselves against possible infections. It will not be trivial, a few years, seeing this population getting older. If drug use among seniors is not yet a fact of life, it may become.

Hope priority

In the rest room, paintings and gouaches flood walls. Some tables stand out. One shows two people holding hands in a setting unstructured. The association is doing everything possible to highlight the capabilities of its visitors a day. Consumers also express through meetings. They learn useful things for crisis situations. Most of them know how to spot the first signs of an overdose. Compton syringe is not afraid to build on these lost souls. They make every effort so that they can find a glimmer of hope. Nicolas Tassin not hesitate to shout loudly. ” The goal is not to judge but to empower them! “.